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Judge's Critique - Bitches

Open Breed Show - 8th October 2006

Thank you to the Midlands Border Collie Club for inviting me to judge at the show and to the exhibitors for providing me with such a quality entry.
Judge: Margaret Hargreaves

Minor Puppy Bitch (7, 2a)
1. Lucas' Aculsia Special Star
6 month old, traditional black/white. Nice head with kind expression. Well balanced with a good overall shape. Level top line and good tail set and carriage, Moved and showed very well for her young handler.
2. Tunnicliff’s Littlethorn Sapphire
7 months. Another nice puppy. Again, a good balanced overall shape emphasized by the very dark markings. Good straight front and rear angulation which showed in her movement. Very mature for age. Just preferred overall confidence and showiness of winner.
3. Hamson's Wizaland Highland Diamond

Puppy Bitch (6, 1a)
1. Tunnicliff’s Littlethorn Jazz
7 months. Again another dark bitch. Very attractive head with gentle expression. Good front and shoulder placement. Level topline leading to good rear angulation. Overall a good balanced outline both standing and when moving. Won the class due to her excellent flowing movement around the ring. Best Puppy in Show. Well done.
2. Venn & Fox's Miranwiz Bossy Boots
9 months, more mature than 1st, Good overall shape when stood with good angulation. Traditional Markings. Showed well for handler when stood but a little less confident on the move than winner.
3. Taylor's Robenger Mountain Holly

Junior Bitch (2, 1a)
1. Moss's Dorvale Wedded Bliss
17 months. Alone in class but deserved the place. Good coat for junior. Good head and used ears well. Very sound when moving.

Novice Bitch (6, 2a)
1. Lucas' Aculsia Special Star
2. Norton & Blick's Sheltysham Sheer Silk for Manderian
2 years old. Mature traditional markings, well boned and very sound construction which showed in her excellent movement so typical of the border collie. On the day preferred the overall presentation of the winner.
3. Kinaway Duchess in Love

Post Graduate Bitch (5, 0a)
1. Young's Collshep Enchantment
2 years old. Black/white. Short coupled. Excellent front and shoulders. Alert expression enhanced by almost pricked ears, which she used to her advantage. Moved soundly. In good condition. Needs a little more time to mature.
2. Mann's Borderpride Act of Love
2 years old. Appealing head and expression. More glamorous and mature than first with a heavier coat. Slightly longer in body. Again moved well but preferred overall balance of winner
3. Cattell & Johnson's Dorvale Custom Maid

Limit Bitch (10, 4a)
1. Smith's Terverley Teegra
5 years old. Very mature in excellent coat and condition. Well constructed with correct amount of bone. Moved with drive when settled.
2. Kiff’s Fenacre Faberge
4 years old black/white. Less mature and smaller boned than first but still well balanced and very sound. Pricked ears give her an alert expression without being harsh. Showed herself well.
3. Hales' Wizaland Armed with Charm

Open Bitch (7, 1a)
1. Moss' Dorvale Nice Tri
6 years old and she is a very nice tri. Not the most glamorous on first impressions but on closer examination has all the attributes required of a border collie. She has an excellent head, with tipped ears and the traditional tri colour markings, which enhanced her face and expression. Good straight front, ample reach of neck and good shoulder placement lead to short compact body with good top line, sloping croup and good rear angulation. Turned out in excellent condition which showed both in her movement and when standing in line. BB Well done.
2. Tunnicliff’s Sh Ch Littlethorn Kia
5 years old. Another quality bitch. Well constructed and in very good condition. Not quite as settled as winner but still a lot to like about her. Her flowing lines give her an excellent shape, particularly when moving.
3. Ravenscroft's Mirage Play Misty for Ravenscol

Special Open Bitch AOC (3, 2a)
1. Johnson's Shipelle Cider with Rosie
7 years old red merle. Top size for bitch but everything in proportion. Pricked ears give a very alert expression. Good reach of neck. Level topline. Moved with drive

Veteran Bitch (2, 1a)
1. Lloyd's Brooksbid Love Me Do
10 years old. Excellent in bone and conformation. Lovely head. Good front and shoulder placement. Short coupled body. Good rear angulation and tail set. Her soundness showed in her excellent movement around the ring. Enjoying her showing and rewarded with Best Veteran in Show

Vintage Veteran Bitch (3, 0a)
1. Cattell's Altricia Music Box
11 years old, She was really enjoying being there. Very dark markings which showed off her lovely overall shape and quality. Nice compact body and still in good condition. Moved well for her handler
2. Venn & Fox's Mirage Feeling Blue
12 years old. Another quality bitch. Blue and white. Prick eared. Alert and responsive to handler. Moved well. Just preferred overall shape of winner.
3. Mockford's Snowmere Jess

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