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Judge's Critique - Bitches

Open Breed Show - 5th October 2008

Can I please thank everyone for the entries and the committee for all their help in putting on a lovely show in a good venue. I must also thank my two stewards who made my job so easy.

It was great to have such a good entry; with so many nice bitches in some classes it made it a little more difficult, it came down to who sparkled on the day.

Judge: Richard Lucas

Minor Puppy Bitch (8, 2a)
1. Winup & Paipala's Beesting Just En Joy at Rogansrock
Lovely pretty tri bitch, with alert tipped ears, beautiful dark eyes, good neck, nice front and rear angulation. Tight feet, nice compact baby. Moved steadily and soundly around the ring and sparkled in her class, well handled.
2. Gregory's Tonkory Shimma
Sure this puppy will go on to great things, just lost out to 1st on movement round the ring. Pretty head, tipped ears, lovely coat. Good angulations, moved well for one so young.
3. Gillespie's Detania Ouri Dressed In Red

Puppy Bitch (16, 3a)
1. Gregory's Tonkory Qu'est Que C'est
Everything about her in proportion for a puppy. Prettiness, alert tipped ears with a dark eye. Good neck leading to good angulations and coat, tight feet, and a lovely long tail, liked her overall shape. Moved well and showed good reach keeping her top line. BPB/BPIS.
2. Fawcett's Laceway Wiggly Giggly
Pushed 1 hard with alertness; pretty bitch, good head, angulations, coat. Sound coming and going; in tune with her handler.
3. Wiltshire's Caleykiz Rhythm In Black

Junior Bitch (12, 2a)
1. Taylor's Glenshannon Moon Dreamer
Attractive bitch who left her coat at home today but all this did was show off her good attributes. Alert with a dark eye, good reach of neck, correct shoulders, good angulations at the back, long tail, good ground covering movement with correct reach and drive.
2. Wiltshire's Caleykiz The Last Twist
Another lovely bitch that kept catching my eye, she moved out well in all directions and everything in the right place.
3. Hynes' Masyrra Sapphire

Novice Bitch (6, 3a)
A mixed class of 3 different bitches
1. Marshall's Lydeardlea Special Angel
If you can see past her naughtiness you will find a lovely alert bitch of the type I like with dark eye, tipped ears, good front, tight feet in good coat, nice rear angulation and long tail.
2. Large & Harlow's Wizaland Spirit With Soul
A different type bitch to 1. Nice head, good angulations with a big coat, needs to settle on the move, just preferred the type of one.
3. Hall's Redcharisma Mystic Topaz

Post Graduate Bitch (16, 6a)
1. Freeman's Bekkis Oversight
Could not take my eyes off this bitch everything about her says alert. Even though she left her coat at home she was all there; good head with upright alert ears and keen expression, good reach of neck, lovely front that she uses well, tight feet, level topline, nice rear angulation and sound ground covering movement.
2. Ravenscroft's Ravenscol Reach For The Sky
A pretty little bitch who caught my eye, alert, lovely standing bitch, dark eye, tipped ears, good coat and angulations; moved with drive round the ring in tune with her handler, who showed her to her full potential.
3. Avory's Terrica Fascination

Limit Bitch (11, 3a)
This was an excellent class with 3 bitches who had everything, in their own way, that I was looking for.
1. Tunnicliff's Littlethorn Jazz JW
This bitch is of lovely type, she has a lovely head and expression with good ear carriage and good reach of neck which leads to good front angulation and deep chest and tight feet. Level topline with correct croup, good rear angulation. Looking really well, moved with drive and good reach, the more I moved her the better she gaited, with minimum lift of feet. RBB
2. Fawcett & Harlow's Bordertime Fashion Free To B
A lot to like about this bitch who pushed 1 hard, smaller all over than 1 but well balanced and very feminine with an alert keen expression. She is a lovely shape with good angles front and back. Very well presented and handled to get the best out of her, so much to like about her.
3. Moss' Dorvale Wedded Bliss

Open Bitch (6, 1a)
1. Wilkinson's Altricia Blue Whisper
A lovely pretty blue bitch, stood out when she came into the ring. Good coat, nice feminine head with tipped ears that are sensitively used. Good reach of neck which leads to lovely placed shoulders and tight feet. Good spring of ribs and nice croup, good angulation at the back and a long tail. Nice free movement.
2. Entwistle's Beesting Starlight
A lovely dark bitch with a dark eye, good expression, good front and rear angulations, moved well.
3. Freeman's Bekkis Aphrodite

Special Open Bitch AOC (9, 2a)
1. Collier's Loracian Rise And Shine
Stood out in this class at 9, lovely blue bitch with a pretty expression with erect ears, good front angulation, tight feet, in good coat. Level topline. Nice rear angulation, moved well.
2. Clarke's Caleykiz Twist The Night Away
Showed better & moved better than her previous class. Nice expression, good front and back angulations, well handled.
3. Gillespie's Detania Ouri Dressed In Red

Special Open Working Bitch (4, 2a)
1. Moss' Dorvale Wedded Bliss
A lovely bitch who had everything in the right place and moved well with her handler.
2. Good & Lewis' Shemella Silver Lining
Many of the attributes of 1, just preferred her shape.

Veteran Bitch (7, 3a)
1. Hynes' Sh Ch Bridacre Bronte JW
Having admired this bitch from a puppy it was great to finally go over her, and she did not disappoint. Everything about her was feminine and alert. Feminine head with dark eyes and alert tipped ears, good neck and correct shoulders and upper arm & lovely tight feet. Level topline, good spring of ribs & good croup, good angulation at the back and long tail. Standing looked the picture, and moving was much of the same with a lovely side gait and drive. BB & BV.
2. Moss' Dorvale Nice Tri
Unlucky to meet 1 today, also in great shape and many of the same attributes of 1, another lovely bitch. Many thanks for bringing them both under me.
3. Collier's Loracian Rise And Shine

Vintage Veteran Bitch (4, 0a)
1. Venn's Sh Ch Madeleys Moments In Time at Miraje
Does not matter how old this bitch is, she still looks great. Alert feminine head, tipped ears, lovely body shape. Still has a great coat, good angulations front and back and still moved well round the ring.
2. Avory's Sheltysham Happy Hooker at Terrica
Nothing to split these two, both great bitches in their own way, both can still move round the ring well.
3. Cattell's Altricia Music Box

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