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Puppy List

No warranty or recommendation of any sort is implied or expressed by including information on our list. It is entirely the responsibility of the person/people looking for a puppy to do their own research and satisfy themselves as to the quality, health and suitability of any puppy they may wish to purchase.

Guidelines when choosing a puppy:
It is always advisable to see puppies with their mother, to ensure that she and they are well cared for and of good temperament. There are certain health issues you should ask the breeder about - have the parents of the puppy been hip scored (the breed average for Border Collies is currently around 15), eye tested and hearing tested? Have the DNA tests for CEA/CH, NCL and TNS been done? Ask to see certificates. Remember, if the breeder wants to know a lot about you it is because he/she is concerned for the puppy's future well-being!

If you are not a member of MBCC, a membership application form can be found HERE. If you are successful in your search for a Border Collie puppy, you may want to join the growing number of Border Collie owners who enjoy membership of clubs such as MBCC.

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Puppy List Criteria

MBCC members may have their KC and/or ISDS registered litters (current and expected) included on the list. Please contact Val Earp, our Puppy List Co-ordinator or telephone 01162 869273 with the relevant information as laid out below.

For a printable version of the criteria please click here.

N.B. The following are mandatory:
Sire & Dam must be hip scored, hold a current (within 12 months) clear eye certificate and be DNA tested for CEA, CL & TNS (or their DNA status proven by parentage).

MBCC also strongly recommends adults & puppies be BAER hearing tested, and litters eye tested.

Please remember to update us if your ad changes or your puppies have been sold.

Location: (county)
DoB/Due date:
No. in litter:
Will be/are: (DNA status, health checks planned etc)
Parents are: (names, DNA status, heath test results etc)
Home preferred:
Other Info:

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