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September 2010 Agility Letter

from Team Manager Mandi Marks

Dear Committee Members,

The teams would like to thank the committee for their continued support this year. We have managed to get to quite a few team events and have been placed at all the events which we have attended.

The Junior Team this year has consisted of:
Tom Marks running his 3 year old BC Stillmoor Vimto On Ice
Jessica Cooke running her 4 year old BC Rolo White Sox
Amellia Nicholson running her 3 year old BC Edith Weasel Spellcaster
Becky Marks running her 6 year ols BC Stillmoor Pepsi on Ice
Amber Tunicliffe running her 4 year old Schnauzer, Canteba Black Boy Inde Ring

They have achieved two places, 4th at Shrewsbury in May and 4th at Golden Valley in June. They continue to enjoy running as a team and will be carrying on next year.

The Judge took the time to congratulate the members on their handling skills. The members have continued to stack up the trophies and rosettes in the singles classes. Amellia has won from grade 2 to grade 4 this year with Eddi, Amber has won from grade 3 to Grade 6 with Blakey and Tom has achieved his Agility Gold Warrant with Vimto as well as coming 3rd in International Young Handler of the Year at the International Agility Festival in August. He also qualified for the Junior over 12s and Starters Finals at The Agility Club show in July.

The adult team always proves harder to organise and as one member currently has her leg in plaster we have called on our reserve a few times this year.

The Team consists of:
Mandi Marks running my BC, Stillmoor Pepsi on Ice
Catherine Rowlands running her BC Perfect Bright Sky
Louise Evans running her BC Getajardine Edie
Lorraine Walchester running her BC Corriedhu Lace
And as reserve Tom Marks running his BC Stillmoor Vimto on Ice

Having competed at Nottingham, Rugby and Easington we have been placed in all the events our highest being 3rd at Easington where we were awarded 4 lovely trophies. We also qualified for the Team Dash Final in August 2010 but were unable to attend as Louise had her leg in plaster.

I am convinced we would have won at Easington as the times were very tight. If only Pepsi had been able to hear me. She is my Blue Merle, Pepsi who has been deaf sine she was 5, she is still very good at agility competing in Grade 6 but on occasions thinks we have finished before we have! With all her best play mates waiting in the team box, she nearly joined them, which wasted those valuable fractions of a second.

After an exhausting season as with the Juniors all of the Team Members have achieved a lot over the year. The highlights which spring to mind have been:

Lorraine has had a fantastic year with Lace, qualifying for the Olympia Novice Final, The Adams Derby and Winning from 3 Grade to Grade 6.
Louise has won with Emma from Grade 4 to Grade 6 and also Qualified for the Adams Derby Final in July.
I have really enjoyed the team runs this year. I am retiring Pepsi from the Team and running my puppy Snowball on Ice in her place next year. She only started competing in July but has just started to prove she deserves a place in the team by winning a Grade 3 class at Easington in September.

We look forward to the first MBCC Show on the 23rd January, where we will of course be helping out by managing a ring and once again thank the committee for their continued support.

Kindest Regards

Mandi Marks
(on behalf of our team members)

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