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Class A Dog Pt 3 Critique

12th April 2004

43 entries, 35 ran. Scent 18, Stays 12

Weather: Good for the purpose, dry, sunny, breezy & a little chilly at times. I would like to thank Sheilagh, Jan & the committee for the invitation to be a reserve judge at their show, for breakfast, lunch & tea after judging. We all enjoyed our day as the weather stayed dry & for the most part was sunny but went a little chilly when the clouds came over. Thank you to the small people who brought round refreshments to the ringside. Mega thank yous to the 'A' team Cavale & my daughter Gem for giving up your day. May I ask you again please? As it all seemed to work like clockwork & all we had to do after stays was bring all the totals over & do one small run off - wonderful! We had very late stays, but we had everyone worked by 2.50 pm, had scent down by 3 pm - no failures but a couple of dogs had a party - &, as it turned out, stays were just a formality as they were all clear! We had 11 training rounds - some constructive, some not so constructive - & as they came in so thick & fast I was wondering if we'd get a line up!!!! But we did, of course, & I was very pleased with it! So thank you again, Cavale & Gemma, we made a damn good team! Thanks to Sheila Farris & her merry band of stay stewards! Now to the nitty gritty:

1st Carfeld Garry BC & Steve Frazer, losing 2. Steve has overcome a number of problems with Jay & is now reaping the rewards. He also won 'B' today, so many congratulations, Steve!
2nd Axelans Jubilant Jay GSD & Terry Wainwright losing 3. This lovely shepherd is only 2 years old & coming along nicely. Not a lot to choose between Jay (must be a lucky name!) & the next dog in the run off - just a whisker!! Well done Terry, & I hope you have reached a turning point in your dog's health!
3rd Colimanor Soul Of Heelaway WSD & Sandy Wadhams losing 3. Soulie is coming along nicely as we would expect in Sandy's hands, again a very young dog which, I'm sure, will come into his own if he hasn't already. Well done, Sandy!
4th Malaridge Pitstop Paddy WSD & Claire Porter losing 4. Claire has come a long way since I first met her & no-one is more delighted than I. Paddy is super & his time will come! Well done, Claire!
5th Stillmoor Touch Of Flame Of Topori BC & Carol Boulton losing 4. Not a lot to mark here just silly little things really but they add up. Cofi is lovely, Carol, well done!
6th Kingsfarm Dirty Money GSD & Wendy Smith losing 5. Another lovely shepherd in the line-up, just bits & pieces again. Well done Wendy!

Thanks again to everyone involved in a really good day: committee, my team, stay team, competitors - lovely bunch, refreshment bringers & weather fairies!

Judge: Penny Hirsch
Ring: Cavale Wakley
Score: Gemma Morley


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