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Class B Bitch Pt 2 Critique

12th April 2004

39 entries, 31 ran.

Thank you to the committee that conned me into judging today, the sun was shining, the birds were singing & we were sitting on our bums for most of the morning. The rings were of a nice size & the test was set to give the dogs a good work out, as usual Chris was up to his usual standard & guided the competitors as if on a Sunday morning stroll. You were great as usual Chris I can't thank you enough for your help. John was a deadly scent decoy thanks for your help. Out of the six in the line up one had failed scent & one had failed scent & stays, it always pays to stick it out to the end. This is a lovely show & well run by the few people who organise it, well done to you all.

1st Coltriever Cara. Mrs J Mays. Losing less than the others, nice in the set tests tended to work forward during some of the turns was the most costly today, well done on your win.
2nd Joem Jetter. Mrs K Sells. What a dozy handler Kim is, doesn't know about from right & wears a stupid hat that blows off in the wind, may have won otherwise.
3rd Stormblizz Sapphire Of Fenellark. Mrs M Vessey. Twenty years ago I told Mrs V to keep her legs shut & today it cost her dearly for not listening, but she learnt when it came to scent.
4th Bamboozle Xtra Special Of Joem. Ms Joan Johnson. This lady put half of the other competitors to shame with the way she attacked the heelwork pattern, nice changes of pace, quietly handled but with great aplomb. Well done madam.
5th Mossyfern Abbie Of Mascottsway. Ms M Scott. Sendaway was costly & so was scent, good luck in the future.
6th Malaridge Rafstar Reward. Mr S Cage. Steve worked the round & I was impressed how he has come on during the last year, well done.

Now my favourite subject, yet again I & many of the other judges were kept waiting during the morning stint, I myself had 6 dogs work during the hours of 9.00 to 11.05, fortunately the sun was shining so the long wait was not so bad, I sat for 75 minutes doing nothing. I have heard it all before, you agree to judge all day so what's the problem. That's the crux of the matter I agree to judge all day not sit around drinking coffee & waiting for you to turn up, it was only when the announcement that the scent cloths were to go down if no one hadn't wanted to work that you all came running. Please be considerate to the judges, they give their day up so you can enter. I am going to get off my soapbox now.

Judge: Tony Deegan (Trajan European Working Sheepdogs)
Steward: Long suffering Chris
Decoy: John Shakespeare


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