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Class C Bitch Pt 1 Critique

12th April 2004

51 Entries, 41 Ran

Many thanks to Sheilagh and the committee of Midlands BC Club for asking me to judge at their show. Very well run show …………… and they even managed to give me the sunshine I ordered!! My sincere thanks to Karen for her faultless stewarding, not a foot wrong all day …..careful, I shall ask you again!! Kez did the scoreboard …….she had never done it before, and did a grand job. Only complaint was that she is young enough to work in decimal points, and put down 2.5 instead of 2½, and some people were wondering why they’d lost 25 in (say) retrieve!! (g) We soon put her right. She then finished off the day by being the decoy…….. and was then called Smelly Kez, because a few dogs liked her!! The standard of work was on the whole high, although I was surprised by the amount of body signals that handlers were using, particularly in DC and retrieve. Do they normally not get marked for it, I wondered? One handler gave a foot signal in DC, and looked as if she was about to fall over. I don’t mind a foot signal, but the body tilting over to the extreme? Others gave shoulder signals, and extended commands. In h/w handlers stopped on turns, moved in to the dog on turns, etc. However, there were a lot of good teams and, at the end of the day, these were the best -

1st Zullmarg Zasmin OW B/C 18/10/95. Sylvia Gardner. This was a lovely round from this pair. Superb set exercises, losing only ½ on sendaway, and just little bits in h/w. They look very much a team, and flowed round the ring. Finished with the only full point scent of the day. A real pleasure to judge. Congratulations. Lost 8½.
2nd Fenellark Con Fouco B/C 6/10/98. Mrs. Audrey Johnson. This pair just oozed power, commitment…… and accuracy. (Who says they can’t go together?!) Just a slight naughty retrieve cost a run off for 1st place. To say that I liked this pair would be an understatement. Again a pleasure to judge. Well done. Lost 11
3rd Coriecollies Jypzi From Goldlawns OW WSD 13/1/00. Mrs. B. Macknish. This is another pair that are a joy to judge. Super set exercises, and just bits here and there in h/w. A lovely bitch with lots of commitment. Finished off with a super scent. Kindly declined the run-off because she had just fed her dog. Lost 11.
4th Sekim Spice Is Twice As Nice WSD 4/8/98. Mr. Wakley. Super h/w from this team, but unfortunately the set exercises cost them today. H/w was lovely to judge ……… thanks. Lost 14.
5th Iatka Zest At Bisquet OW WSD 6/6/98. Mrs. J. Grattridge. Bits and pieces in all exercises cost the points for this pair. It was a pleasure to judge Jill……… I think this is the first time I have. Lost 18½.
6th Gabrielle De-Cesare Corgi 9/3/94. Mrs. M. Carter. H/w a bit loose from this team and again bits in the other exercises added up. However, I know Marie was delighted with the sendaway. Hope you got your rosette. Lost 29½.

Two dogs which caught my eye, but unfortunately failed scent – Dot Watts with Ob. Ch. Zygdan Zyma. Best h/w of the day….. what a team. Have often seen them in the ring but never judged them. It was a pleasure to do so. Sandy Wadhams with Colimanor Maisie of Heelaway. Maisie is still a young bitch, and shows total commitment. She looks as if she is improving all the time. Again a pleasure to judge.

Thanks to all competitors for your entries. I wasn’t kept waiting all day, perhaps because we had early stays. My only complaint was a competitor who wanted to do a training round then *told* myself and my steward what she wanted. I have no complaint with training rounds, especially if they’re constructive, but although I’m sure this handler had no intention of being rude, she was. A “please” and “Thank you” would not have gone amiss, and would have been appreciated. This was the only exception in a class of lovely competitors. Have a good season everyone. See you around.

Judge: Mrs A Ferguson
Steward: Karen Wakelin
Score/Decoy: Kez Jenkins


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