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Open Obedience Show Results

Show held on Easter Monday 12th April 2004
Please click on each class title to go to the critique where available

Pre-Beginner Dog
1st. Jucando Master Mind
2nd. High Society Dexter
3rd. Trajan Magic Drummer
4th. Sabins Soloman
5th. Midnight Charmer
6th. Lively Clive

Beginner Dog
1st. Carishil Maple
2nd. Gentleman Jack
3rd. Magic Spell At Bumblebarn
4th. Sun Glow Sampson
5th. Wendisle Regency Crown
6th. Jayemji The Klipspringer

Novice Dog Pt.1
1st. Colimanor Mickey
2nd. Wyndors Remi
3rd. Quilters Star Chance
4th. Reyela's Millennium Falcon
5th. Shepwood Early Gambler
6th. Coltriever Contender WDex

Novice Dog Pt.2
1st. Bisquet Torra
2nd. Wizard Of Rememberance
3rd. Forever Magic Action Man
4th. Borderlair Taboo Too
5th. Foxfold Klassic
6th. Larix Whisper

Novice Dog Pt.3
1st. Saxmill Twenty Eighty
2nd. Bisquet Jordan
3rd. Bracken's Mr Small CDex
4th. Foxfold Grenadier
5th. Malaridge Rafstar Request
6th. Topori Blackcap

Class A Dog Pt.1
1st. Wyndors Remi
2nd. Coriecollies Jeopardy
3rd. Quilters Star Chance
4th. Winter Wizzard Of Ziphyld
5th. Malaridge Panda's Polo At Oakheim
6th. Bertrams Rockin'Em

Class A Dog Pt.2
1st. I'm No Angel
2nd. Laceway Dancin Cowboy
3rd. Borderlair Cuddly Duddly
4th. Corunnian Stormin Zedekiah
5th. Sarkam Midnight Dream
6th. Commando Toddy

Class A Dog Pt.3
1st. Carfeld Garry
2nd. Axelans Jubilant Jay
3rd. Colimanor Soul Of Heelaway
4th. Malaridge Pitstop Paddy
5th. Stillmoor Touch Of Flame At Topori
6th. Kingsfarm Dirty Money

Class B Dog Pt.1
1st. It's Satellite Compromise
2nd. Borderlair Riff-raff
3rd. Malaridge Pitstop Paddy
4th. Rogueish Charmer
5th. Killis Star Quality
6th. Malaridge Culture Club

Class B Dog Pt.2
1st. Carfeld Garry
2nd. Kingsfarm Dirty Money
3rd. Forever Magic E Type
4th. Tillins Jazzy Peregrine
5th. Watersdale Colonal North
6th. Feroama Karmann Ghia

Class C Dog Pt.1
1st. OB CH Gesviesha Falcon Flyer OW
2nd. OB CH Iatka Zyg Dann
3rd. Trajan Online OW
4th. Bartonview Main Attraction
5th. Walker's Cardhu
6th. Zullmarg Zirius

Class C Dog Pt.2
1st. Fenellark Furioso
2nd. OB CH Chalkwell Chunki Chalki OW
3rd. It's Davrok Mad Hatter OW
4th. Malaridge Rafstar Razamataz
5th. Rossami Chaotic Wizard
6th. Belverdale Megatwix

Pre-Beginner Bitch
1st. Westglen Emmy Lou
2nd. Somanic La Dolce Vita At Temerity
3rd. Springlea Driving Force
4th. Treasured Princess
5th. Brailsford Dainty Jonquil
6th. Miss Know It All

Beginner Bitch
1st. Springlea Driving Force
2nd. Foxfold Angel Blue
3rd. Chalkwell Dark Destiny
4th. Rustic Dream
5th. Westglen Emmy Lou
6th. Miss Maple

Novice Bitch Pt.1
1st. Rockin Total Kaos
2nd. Belverdale Classic Wispa
3rd. Rosehurst Eclat
4th. Bintibn Ariundle
5th. Quilters Star Light
6th. Vikkas Mischief

Novice Bitch Pt.2
1st. Trestus Sweet Katie
2nd. Bisquet Pyne
3rd. Belverdale Falcon Image
4th. Roseley Carrie Ann
5th. Eiselman Linxena Legend
6th. Linern Salsa Of Dejaga

Class A Bitch Pt.1
1st. Tyefold Twist Of Triangle
2nd. Tyefold Solo
3rd. Eiselman Linxena Legend
4th. Jemas Peppermint
5th. Jayemji The Iceland Poppet At Chlovamasq
6th. Trajan Java

Class A Bitch Pt.2
1st. Bisquet Pyne
2nd. Fenellark Freedom
3rd. Topori Dark Breeze
4th. Porscha Winwonder
5th. Birkcliffe Katec Lingcre
6th. Birkcliffe Lotties Angel

Class B Bitch Pt.1
1st. Classic Magic Charm
2nd. Danesway Double Delight At Forever Magic
3rd. Chalkwell Midsummer Katy
4th. Dumavala I'm For Keeps
5th. Birkcliffe Katec Lingcre
6th. Trajan Timeout

Class B Bitch Pt.2
1st. Coltriever Cara
2nd. Joem Jetter
3rd. Stormblizz Sapphire Of Fenellark
4th. Bamboozle Xtra Special Of Joem
5th. Mossyfern Abbie Of Mascottsway
6th. Malaridge Rafstar Reward

Class C Bitch Pt.1
1st. Zullmarg Zasmin OW
2nd. Fenellark Con Fouco
3rd. Coriecollies Jypzi From Goldlawns OW
4th. Sekim Spice Is Twice As Nice
5th. Iatka Zest At Bisquet OW
6th. Gabriella De-Cesare

Class C Bitch Pt.2
1st. Llynellen Spring Special
2nd. Busybug Seek The Dream For Samalone
3rd. Addewid Promise Of Bliss
4th. Borderlair Nugget OW
5th. Bambi's Monkey Nut Girl
6th. Ice Maiden Isla

PRO Dogs Pt.1
1st. Rockin Panda-monium OW
2nd. Forestbeck Red Ria
3rd. Dumavala Zhivago
4th. Cumnock Shannon
5th. Morenmar Magpie CDex UDex WDex
6th. Feroama Black Jack OW

PRO Dogs Pt.2
1st. Coriecollies Jypzi From Goldlawns
2nd. OB CH Ragzee Roo OW
3rd. Bartonview Main Attraction
4th. It's Davrok Mad Hatter OW
5th. Setab Raff OW
6th. Choystean Lady Of The Lake


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