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Pre- Beginner Dog Critique

12th April 2004

Many thanks to Sheilagh Hyde & Committee of MBCC for the invitation to judge. Hospitality & catering were excellent - thank you. My calling steward Jacquie was very apprehensive (to say the least) at being cajoled into her first stewarding appointment, Jacquie you were excellent. So much so I may ask you again! The places for the first four places were decided by run-offs. Unfortunately the first & second prize winners had to work very hard for their rosettes - three times!!!!

1st Mrs S Barlow with *Jucando Master Mind*. BC 5.3.02. Losing 5. A confident first round by this handler & handsome boy. I am so sorry you had to do the round over again (& again & a half!) but I could not split you & the next handler. Most heelwork marks lost for wide & forward working. The recall also needs some attention to bring the head up instead of first trying to push though the legs. Well done & good luck for the future.
2nd Mrs S Toon & *High Society Dexter*. X breed 31.3.00. Losing 5. Sherley came into the ring (drawn 2nd) determined to train Dexter when he showed what he does in the ring. Dexter however had other ideas when he showed what he CAN do when Mom relaxes! What can I say Sherley except that I hope Dexter slept well after having to work so hard for his second place. Same heelwork problems as the eventual winner but recall excellent.
3rd Mrs Y Turner with *Trajan Magic Drummer*. WSD 12.10.02. Losing 6. A little early (drawn 6th) for this pair. Heelwork similar to the first two but this dog caused tight lead by a couple of sniffs at the ground. This was unfortunate because it could have cost you first place. Won run-off (by a whisker) from:
4th Miss L Jones with *Sabins Soloman*. ESS 13.2.95. Also losing 6 & WOW!! At 9 years young this little man showed how happy he was to be at Mom's side & she was equally happy to have him there. Well done on this place & I am sure he will be out of this class soon. If he's not there is no justice!
5th Mrs J Tyers with *Midnight Charmer*. WSD 24.5.98. Lost 9. Forward work in heelwork caused problems such as crabbing & wide working for this team. Good luck for the future. Well done.
6th Miss L Jones with *Lively Clive*. ESS (& son of Soloman). 3.5.99. Lost 9. Another WOW! Such a nice attitude from handler & dog. Both seemed to enjoy every minute in the ring. Well done & I do hope you continue with Obedience - it can be fun!!

Best GSD Mr & Mrs Wild's *Chazlaws Second Chance*. 16.2.02. This handsome white GSD was a little 'laid back' today. I hope he sorts out his hormones soon! Well done on getting Best GSD rosette.

Thanks again to all concerned for another successful show & for the gifts to my steward & myself. The season has started well weather-wise, let's hope the rain keeps off every weekend! Enjoy your dogs folks.
Judge: Jane Masefield
Ring: Jacquie Cowie


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