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Championship Show Results 2004

The MBCC held its first Championship Show on 1st February 2004
Full results are below. For the judges' critiques please follow the links at the foot of the page

Dog CC: Rosehurst Golden Sand
Bitch CC: Sheltysham Such A Dreamer
Res. Dog CC: Stillmoor Blue Ice
Res. Bitch CC: Bridgebank A Touch Of Love
Best Puppy Dog: Locheil Chic Of The Devil at Lethans
Best Puppy Bitch: Bekkis Dulcimer

Best In Show: Sh Ch Sheltysham Such A Dreamer (subject to KC confirmation)
Res Best In Show: Rosehurst Golden Sand (also BOS)
Best Puppy In Show: Bekkis Dulcimer
Res Best Puppy In Show: Locheil Chic Of The Devil At Lethans
Best Veteran In Show: Sh Ch Rosehurst Karisma At Croxlea

DOGS - Judge Mrs K Burnell (Fieldbank)

1. Minor Puppy Dog (9, 0a)
1. Pendleway Ivanhoe
2. Tonkory Boris
3. Blackgold Hemp
4. Detania Da Capo
5. Sheltysham Strollin Home to Ravenslee

2. Puppy Dog (11, 2a)
1. Locheil Chic Of The Devil at Lethans
2. Tonkory Boris
3. Bekkis Fast Forward
4. Detania Da Capo
5. Kinaway It's Elementary for Jacamalis

3. Junior Dog (16, 6a)
1. Bekwey Bop Till 'U' Drop
2. Dazlerocks Harry Potter
3. Miraje Tazindy with Lattonwood
4. Skyvana Bucaneer
5. Threjays Cymro

4. Special Yearling Dog (12, 3a)
1. Stillmoor Blue Ice
2. Wizaland Livin Soul JW
3. Rosehurst Dirty Den
4. Kinsters Upwood Bound
5. Wildfell The Scotsman

5. Novice Dog (9, 2a)
1. Kinsters Upwood Bound
2. Littlethorn Jenson of Terverley
3. Threjays Cymro
4. Wildfell The Scotsman
5. Resleap Christmas Cracker

6. Graduate Dog (6, 1a)
1. Torbriar River Music JW
2. Foxbarton Royal Lion JW
3. Miraje Gentleman Brown at Robenger
4. Zellik Winter Glory
5. Wizaland Ebony Joker

7. Post Graduate Dog (10, 1a)
1. Stillmoor Blue Ice
2. Wizinby Into The Blue
3. Manderian Morning Son
4. Goytre Prince of Dreams JW
5. Valecroft Coolabah

8. Limit Dog (32, 3a)
1. Mobella Hennessey of Tarrynden JW
2. Altricia Morrimint
3. Bekkis Virtuoso
4. Sheltysham Shay of Corinlea (ISDS)
5. Tosari Burlesque

9. Open Dog (23, 5a)
1. Rosehurst Golden Sand
2. Sh Ch Caristan Moet Chandon
3. Sh Ch Tonkory Palmerston at Fayken
4. Sianworth Celtic Magician
5. Resleap Highland Laird

10. Veteran Dog (8, 2a)
1. Ryan's Country Lad at Kaliden
2. Mobella Jack of Clubs at Vimick
3. Sh Ch Sheltysham Swagman
4. Wizaland Lucky Brew
5. Ravenscol Slaidburn

11. Special Open Working Dog (7, 2a)
1. Bekkis Virtuoso
2. Wathon Barrel of Fun at Basilbrooke
3. Tamarsh Sorcerer of Torbriar
4. Elthea Wizard of OZ
5. Jakovall Glen Deveron JW


BITCHES - Judge Mrs S Kilsby (Whenway)

12. Minor Puppy Bitch (10, 0a)
1. Dorvale Maid Welcome
2. Locheil Look at Gingerbell
3. Shepwood Zoes Reason
4. Pendleway Isolde
5. Dorvale Custom Maid

13. Puppy Bitch (13, 0a)
1. Bekkis Dulcimer
2. Rosara Va Va Voom at Locheil
3. Pondeboys Megnonymous for Detania
4. Grandver Call The Tune
5. Bekkis Forever at Ingoldfield

14. Junior Bitch (20, 6a)
1. Bridgebank A Touch Of Love
2. Tonkory Yoruba at Borderbeau
3. Shipelle Dolly Mixture
4. Tonkory Yippee-Ayeh
5. Bekkis Eureka

15. Special Yearling Bitch (21, 8a)
1. Lethans Future Focus
2. Rosehurst Which Broomstick for Thistlemist
3. Bekkis Aphrodite
4. Madeleys Picture Puzzel
5. Wildfell Bit O' Heather

16. Novice Bitch (5, 3a)
1. Pondeboys Megnonymous for Detania
2. Collshep Dido At Harbecca

17. Graduate Bitch (9, 2a)
1. Glenshannon Reverse Air with Robenger
2. Resleap Jingle Belle
3. Aculsia Enchanted Tilly
4. Ginnylands Serenety at Shipelle
5. Sheltysham Sun Lover

18. Post Graduate Bitch (17, 6a)
1. Sianworth Celtic Magic
2. Collshep Cameo
3. Miraje Play Misty for Ravenscol
4. Beesting Pop Idol at Meleswood
5. Terverley Teegra

19. Limit Bitch (21, 7a)
1. Dorvale Nice Tri
2. Starside Angelica at Wearstroll
3. Blacdimonz Blue Velvet of Tribboch
4. Altricia California
5. Tonkory Willow at Lyntrom

20. Open Bitch (27, 4a)
1. Sheltysham Such A Dreamer
2. Tonkory Sanna at Corinlea
3. Sh Ch Bridacre Bronte JW
4. Sh Ch Littlethorn Kia
5. Sh Ch Bekkis Hellz'a Poppin

21. Veteran Bitch (11, 3a)
1. Sh Ch Rosehurst Karisma at Croxlea
2. Sh Ch Wizaland Whispering Frost at Jenwisp
3. Sh Ch Caristan Te'ar Maria at Goytre JW
4. Sh Ch Woolram Blush at Sianworth
5. Altricia Music Box

22. Special Open Working Bitch (5, 2a)
1. Beesting Pop Idol at Meleswood
2. Laetare Cerafyn for Marie at Jakovall
3. Shipelle Cider With Rose



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