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Open Obedience Show Results

Show held on Easter Monday 28th March 2005

Pre-Beginner Dog - Judge: Loryn Oliver
1st. Parkin – Lakeland Cresty Viking, ESS
2nd. Patten - Flynntastic Reddy Freddy, WS
3rd. Burns – Barney Boy, WS
4th. Cowley – Montazumers Revenge, X
5th. Fellows – Belsharose Babylon, GSD
6th. Colledge – Jenakir Halloween Harry, G Ret
7th. Chester – Military Mischief, WS
8th. Sadler – Thorpers Big Ben, WS

Best Unplaced GSD – Quinlan – Beinhard Lukas
Best Unplaced Gundog – Shropshire – Styperson Oliver

Beginner Dog - Judge: Fred Burns
1st. Johnson – Dimambro Maximus Decimus, WS
2nd. Philpott – Purple Sage, Schipperke
3rd. Hopkinson – Brailsford Blue Mist, BC
4th. Appleyard – Cheekycharly Chaplyn, WS
5th. Parkin – Lakeland Cresty Viking, ESS
6th. Burns – Barney Boy, WS
7th. Barlow – Jucando Master Mind, BC
8th. Dainty – The Ice cream Kid, WS

Best Unplaced GSD – Wild – Chazlaws Second Chance
Best Unplaced Gundog – Brayville Lady’s Man at Corribeg, Irish Setter

Novice Dog Pt.1 - Judge: Andrew Moxham
1st. Hanney – Zekabie Quartus, WS
2nd. Southern – Warragul Educating Archie, BC
3rd. Grant – Taliswood Tandragee, WS
4th. Ashley – Burntwood Jaff, BC
5th. Tooley – Woughstock Wynsome Hartze, WS
6th. Bint – Taliswood Trickster, WS

Novice Dog Pt.2 - Judge: Mick Corns
1st. Miller - Foxfold Coalition, X
2nd. Howells – Nansough Napoleon, GSD
3rd. McGraw – Moors Chaser of Dreams, WS
4th. Hannay – Dodgin The Moon, WS
5th. Spooner – Kuseleys Red Kite, X
6th. Mays – Foxfold Keepsake of Caramay, GSD

Novice Dog Pt.3 - Judge: Kath Lowe
1st. Pugh – Belverdale Triple Flyer, BC
2nd. Hill – Absolutely Alice, WS
3rd. Hulley – Bracken’s Mr Small, CDex, WS
4th. Mays – Caramay Black Magic, X
5th. Davis – Bintibn Achiemore, BC
6th. Judge – Fermanagh Jed, BC

Class A Dog Pt.1 - Judge: Steve Pitcher
1st. Smith – Foxfold Klassic, GSD
2nd. Ricketts – Waggerland Remror Roscoe, WS
3rd. Cook – Carfeld Frost at Kepwen, BC
4th. Lewandowski – Pepsanner Sun Beam, G Ret
5th. Bainbridge – Minstrel Man, BC
6th. Fone – Carishil Maple, G Ret

Class A Dog Pt.2 - Judge: Paul Green
1st. Davis – Laetare Maggots Justintime, BC
2nd. Webster – Caristan Classic Time, BC
3rd. Simpson – Chalkwell Great Gus, WS
4th. McCabe – Caramay Bright Star Barmpot, X
5th. White – Rockin Final Fling, WS
6th. Mokes – Feroama Top Ghia, BC

Class A Dog Pt.3 - Judge: Tony Lewis
1st. Conway – Bertrams Rockin’ Em, WS
2nd. McGraw – Silver Storm, BC
3rd. Haughton – Belmarley Duppy Conqueror, BSD
4th. Hill – Forever Magic Action Man, WS
5th. Burden – Malaridge Rafstar Request, BC
6th. Hill – Man O’Mine at Shangay, Pap

Class B Dog Pt.1 - Judge: Stella Henstridge
1st. Pugh – Cabals Jagger, BC
2nd. Pendleton – Fenellark Alchemist from Kriss Moss, BC
3rd. Martin – Tri Rockin Seve, WS
4th. Aldridge – Malaridge Reflection, BC
5th. Hopkins – Meanphe Starlight Scirocco, BC
6th. Allebone – Barminca Javan Blend with Chalkwell, GSD

Class B Dog Pt.2 - Judge: Anita Neal
1st. Ward – Taliswood Thymekeeper, WS
2nd. White – Commando Toddy, WS
3rd. Rickword – Sarkam Midnight Dream, BC
4th. Giddens – Dumavala Lorca, WS
5th. Thompson – Kodie Expresse, Sheltie
6th. Howe – Echo’s Summertime Jester, WS

Class C Dog Pt.1 - Judge: Janette Rennie
1st. Whyborn – Ob Ch Aramisty Suffolk Charlie OW, WS
2nd. Little – Belverdale Megatwix, BC
3rd. Watson – Ob Ch Whatknow Razzamatazz
4th. Watts – Ob Ch Iatka Zyg Dann, WS
5th. Jaggers – Suzi Q’s Micky, WS
6th. Hughes – Ob Ch Fenom Full O’Fun, WS

Class C Dog Pt.2 - Judge: Stephanie Woollam
1st. White – Rockin Hotshot, WS
2nd. Thompson – Danny Third Star on the Left, WS
3rd. MackNish – Ob Ch Taf’son Llwyd at Goldlawns OW, WS
4th. Roberts – It’s Satellite Compromise, WS
5th. Waddington – Jacs Ace of Clubs, WS
6th. Ferguson – Walker’s Cardhu, X

Pre-Beginner Bitch - Judge: Bill Pykett
1st. Morris – Colliewood Kentucky Blue, WS
2nd. Puckett – Siimply Flick, WS
3rd. Richardson – Cankasper Gypsy Rose, BC
4th. Johnstone – Miraje Jemima Puddle Duck, BC
5th. Gladwin – Shelley Bells, X
6th. Tomkinson – Diafol bach Cwmwl, WS
7th. Tomkinson – Red Skye of Fairleigh, WS
8th. Williams – Caramay English Rose, X
9th. Smith – Double Mountain Madness, X

Best Unplaced GSD – Gladwin – Tirgra Alessia
Best Unplaced Gundog – Colledge – Holway Taffeta, G Ret

Beginner Bitch - Judge: Carol Ward
1st. Weatherby –Ancenmoor Ripley, GSD
2nd. Appleyard – Rustic Dream, X
3rd. Peace – Wistow Midnight Magic, WS
4th. Wild – Chazlaws Little Charmer, GSD
5th. Hand – Kuhu Tanginia Madsway, BC
6th. Peace – Our Kind of Love, WS
7th. Smith – Double Mountain Madness, X
8th. Sturman – Nirvana Refractor, GSD

Best Unplaced GSD – Kelsall – Axelan’s Inca Treasure
Best Unplaced Gundog – Davis – Corribeg Russett – Irish Setter

Novice Bitch Pt.1 - Judge: Shirley Owen
1st. Slater – Feroama Campino, BC
2nd. Campbell – Camcroft Calendar Girl, WS
3rd. Ingham – Ruskath Oozing Image, WS
4th. Coulson – Bheinn Tina Glentilly, WS
5th. Woods – Corunnian Stormin Zita, BC
6th. Pugh – Cabals Jagger, BC

Novice Bitch Pt.2 - Judge: Sue Sims
1st. Baker – Ichbin Bedzzled Von Estmarza, Large Munsterlander
2nd. Boothby – Elloebank’s Dark N Dangerous, X
3rd. Percival – Slieve Chloe, BC
4th. Evans – Caeo of Coltriever, X
5th. Oliver – Tambuzi Bewitched, BC
6th. Hughes – Roseley Carrie Ann, BC

Novice Bitch Pt.3 - Judge: Melvin Armstrong
1st. Hyde – Whatknow Razzle Dazzle, WS
2nd. Ingham – Ruskath Othentic Image, WS
3rd. Kent – Tyefold Whist, WS
4th. Coleman – Little Wonder, X
5th. Bowles – Dukati Careless Whisper, Rottie
6th. Coleman – Tikka Blond Bombshell, X

Class A Bitch Pt.1 - Judge: Jean Beddows
1st. Plant – Bisquet Bervie, WS
2nd. Clowes – Cumnock’s Pied Piper, X
3rd. Wakley – Avicavs Roxy Music, BC
4th. Verrill – Belpetilon New Dawn, BSD
5th. Kirk – Pepsanner Hobbie Elliott, G Ret
6th. Cerrone – Phoenix From the Flames, BC

Class A Bitch Pt.2 - Judge: Sylvia Allebone
1st. Burbidge – Ruskath Platonic Image, WS
2nd. Bowman – Colliewood Call Me Madam at Samalone, WS
3rd. Pitcher – Taliswood Bewitched, WS
4th. Hannay – Malaridge Well Spotted Perdy, WS
5th. Revere – Pepsanner Capercaillie, G Ret
6th. Carter – Ashbarton Minuet Stella De-Cesare, Corgi

Class B Bitch Pt.1 - Judge: Sandy Turner
1st. Berry – Spotty Dotty Doodle, X
2nd. Turtill – Bisquet Delph, WS
3rd. Johnson – Chokki’s Millie The Mop, Beardie
4th. Stredwick – Malaridge Club classic, WS
5th. Murrell – Rosehurst Eclat, BC
6th. Duke – Gee I Jane, WS

Class B Bitch Pt.2 - Judge: Janice Jackson
1st. Buckley – Darkbeck Rapid at Alameda, X
2nd. Redmond – Malaridge Fridays Fortune, BC
3rd. Hill – Absolutely Alice, WS
4th. Avill – Birkcliffe Lotties Angel, WS
5th. Clowes – Cumnock’s Pied Piper, X
6th. Shardlow – Brailsford Spring Gem, BC

Class C Bitch Pt.1 - Judge: Terry Sheldon
1st. MackNish - Coricollies Jypzi from Goldlawns OW, WS
2nd. Poulton – Ticket to Ride, WS
3rd. Rogers – Ob Ch Topori Touch of Class OW, WS
4th. Hankinson – Ob Ch Piprian Silver Pride, WS
5th. Murray – Quilters Star Light OW, WS
6th. Grattidge – Iatka Zest at Bisquet OW, WS

Class C Bitch Pt.2 - Judge: Mavis Mills
1st. Ingham – Ruskath Portent Image, WS
2nd. Ward – Ob Ch Speck-Tac-U-Lar OW, WS
3rd. Watson – Danesway Double Delight at Forever Magic, WS
4th. Gray – Meanphe Moonlight Malarky OW, WS
5th. Hankinson – Crofters Blue Diamond, WS
6th. Grattidge – Bisquet Fyne, WS

Charity Special C Class Pt. 1 - Judge: John Patilla
1st. Hughes – Ob Ch Fenom Full O’Fun, WS
2nd. Ward – Ob Ch Speck-Tac-U-Lar OW, WS
3rd. Webb – Flynntastic Winin Venture CDex, TDex, WS
4th. Grant – Currahee Magic Monday OW, WS
5th. Xavier-Smith – Malaridge Starstudded Rema, BC
6th. Gitner – Trestus Little Michael, Sheltie

Charity Special C Class Pt.2 - Judge: Bronwyn Bartley
1st. Whyborn – Ob Ch Aramisty Suffolk Charlie OW, WS
2nd. MackNish – Ob Ch Taf’son Llwyd at Goldlawns OW, WS
3rd. Waddington – Jacs Ace of Clubs, WS
4th. Delany – Vanistica French Eclipse OW, Groen
5th. Tyler – Fenom Summertime Dazzler, WS
6th. Coles – Bartonview Warrior, BC
7th. Little – Belverdale Megatwix, BC


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