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The Kennel Club Show Border Collie Herding Test

held on 12th October 2008, hosted by Midlands Border Collie Club

Ready for the presentation Competitors and Judges

The Judges
Mr Mike Condie
Mrs Ann Jordan
Mr Bruce Kilsby
Mrs Marion Turner

The Competitors
Owner/handler: Miss Louise Amos - Meisterwerk Morning Cloud
Owner/handler: Ms Ruth Payton - Jebah of Kaliazer
Owner Mrs Ann Jordan, handler Miss Louise Amos - Cories Lachat
Owner Mr R Tunnicliff, handler Mrs Marion Turner - Sh Ch Littlethorn Xsara
Owner/handler: Revd Angela Hughes - Astley Bracken over Guildenmore
Owner/handler: Miss Louise Amos - Dazlerock's Harry Potter

Chocolate cake! Hospitality, Officials and Spectators Take notes - they'll be asking questions later!

The above 3 photos are © Sooshine Digital Photography - see more of Sue's work below & in the Herding Test Photo Gallery

Read the KC Bulletin concerning the Herding Test, issued 5th November 2007 and follow this link to The Kennel Club's website, for up to date details of the Herding Test.

Report from Mrs Ann Jordan 13/10/2008
The KC Herding test is for any KC registered dog/bitch and a pass will entitle the holder to gain the title of FULL Champion should he/she also win three CCs in the show ring. The dogs/bitches who pass will be able to carry a title after their name, but this is still to be decided at a KC meeting to be held soon.

The test involves an outrun of approximately 150 metres (this is a rough guide - it was less yesterday as the terrain was undulating and the rules dictate that the dog must be able to see the sheep). A lift and fetch to the handler. The sheep must be held to the handler for a time to suit the judges on the day. The dog then must drive the sheep away and through a gateway, the handler being able to choose to walk behind the sheep and the dog. It is judged as a herding exercise rather than a sheepdog trial and each section has a pass/fail. For this year's event, the Judges had agreed beforehand that if only one section was failed and the rest passed, the handler may be asked to do that section again, but this will only happen at the discretion of the judges on the day! This did not happen yesterday because those that failed, did so in more than one section.

Yesterday, being the first, will be the basis of discussion to finalise the rules and discuss the role of the Judges and the marking system. The Judges yesterday were also being 'assessed' and had to be course director as well as Judge; they took each role in turn.

We had a brilliant day, superb weather and an extremely supportive crowd. ZoŽ, from the Kennel Club, was pro-active all day, appreciating everything that was decided and very keen that this event should continue and be successful.

ZoŽ also took aboard our suggestions that the tests should be more often and should be open to as many as can be handled easily in one day, the MINIMUM number being six.

Thanks must go to John Porter, who kindly hosted the event yesterday, asking only for a donation to Riding for the Disabled, The Midland Border Collie Club, who ran it so smoothly, and of course, The Kennel Club, who provided the magnificent crystal trophies to all competitors as a memento - and we mustn't forget the Judges...

We must all now ensure that this event continues, so our wonderful breed can prove its continuing herding instincts and give pleasure to those who enjoy working with a natural, beautiful and talented dog.

The 'Demo Dog' gives handlers a chance to watch the course before attempting it themselves.

These photos are © Sue James - see more of her work in the Herding Test Photo Gallery

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