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Championship Show Results


The MBCC held its sixth Championship Show on 1st February 2009, generously sponsored by Royal Canin. Full results are below and judges' critiques will be added when available.

Dog CC & BIS: Entwistle's Sh Ch/Ir Ch Beesting Orlando
Bitch CC & RBIS: Wilkinson's Altricia Blue Whisper
Res Dog CC: Clarke's Aust Ch Danari De Beers
Res Bitch CC: Porter's Locheil Really And Truely At Croxlea
Best Puppy Bitch & BPIS: Gregory's Tonkory Shimma
Best Puppy Dog & RBPIS: Tranter's Beesting Just Make Believe
Res Best Puppy Bitch: Tromans' Lyntrom All That Jazz
Res Best Puppy Dog: Scott-Webb's Nobite Nothing Ventured
Best Veteran Dog & BVIS: Jones' Sh Ch Sianworth Celtic Magician
Best Veteran Bitch & RBVIS: Wiltshire's Sh Ch Loracian Rhythm 'N' Blues
Best Breeder: Mrs H Turner (Locheil)

DOGS - Judge Irene Kiff (Fenacre) ~ CRITIQUE

Minor Puppy Dog (6, 4a)
1. Scott-Webb's Nobite Nothing Ventured
2. Alcorn & Venn's Miraje Decision Made

Puppy Dog (11, 1a)
1. Tranter's Beesting Just Make Believe
2. Wilkinson's Altricia My Spot On
3. Tromans' Tonkory Rare Occasion For Lyntrom
4. Turner & Alexander's Locheil To The Moon N Back
5. Lavington's Locheil Stand And Deliver At Sandmont (NAF TAF)

Junior Dog (15, 4a)
1. Sapsford's Glenfound Simply Magical
2. Kerr, Angier & Gay's Pawtails Sunkist Celt For Triplewitch (Imp Aus)
3. Beesting Just Make Believe
4. Rettie's Glenfound Simply Innocent
5. Green's Fayken Final Fantazy

Yearling Dog (12, 2a)
1. Clarke & Wheatley's Aust Ch Danari De Beers
2. Jones' Sianworth Firecracker
3. Scott-Webb's Nobite Under Suspicion
4. Brown's Dorvale Star Trecker Of Borderbeck JW
5. Garstang's Hucclebon Hang In There

Novice Dog (6, 2a)
1. Kempton's Locheil Manhatten At Borderbrook
2. Good & Lewis' Shemella Ray Of Sunshine
3. James' Threjays Nebolaf ISDS
4. Scott's Lydeardlea Supersonic Of Belsmard

Graduate Dog (6, 1a)
1. Kinton & Large's Wizinby I Said I Am For Kinaway JW
2. Spencer's Littlethorn Colt At Tobermoray JW
3. Hawker's Foxbarton Taittinger JW
4. Davidson's Thistlemist Legend In Blacdimonz
5. Locheil Manhatten At Borderbrook

Post Graduate Dog (20, 3a)
1. Prandle's Wizaland Joker In The Pack
2. Large & Harlow's Wizaland In For A Laugh
3. Chance's Goytre Chance To Dream
4. Sutherland & Turner's Locheil All That And More For Kaiona
5. Lloyd's Littlethorn Rolls Royce At Brooksbid

Limit Dog (25, 4a)
1. Turner & Alexander's Kaeleon Show Stopper At Locheil
2. Rettie's Glenfound Simply So What
3. Gregory's Tonkory Justice Prevails JW
4. Ward's Aculsia Border Blitz At Kafunta JW
5. Ward's Starside Paddy

Open Dog (10, 1a)
1. Entwistle's Sh Ch/Ir Ch Beesting Orlando
2. Wilkinson's Altricia Lover Boy
3. Angier's Lux/NL/Ger/Hung/Rom Ch Eyes Of The World Easyrider (Imp)
4. Turner & Solanti's Sh Ch Pikkupaimenen Great Pretender At Locheil (Imp)
5. Wiltshire & Carter's Sh Ch Caleykiz Mystical Dragon JW

Veteran Dog (5 + I transferred, 2a)
1. Jones' Sh Ch Sianworth Celtic Magician
2. Large, Harlow, Baylis & Woods' Sh Ch/Am Ch Borderfame I Am I Said (Imp USA)
3. Tasker's Sh Ch Goytre Repeat Performance
4. Lavington's Lydeardlea John Henry Blue Of Sandmont

Special Vintage Veteran Dog (8, 5a + 1 transferred)

1. Ward's Sh Ch Caristan Moet Chandon
2. Lavington's Lydeardlea Rocket Man Over Sandmont

Special Open Working Dog (1, 1a)

BITCHES - Judge Karen Dalglish (Corinlea) ~ CRITIQUE

Minor Puppy Bitch (12, 2a)
1. Tromans' Lyntrom All That Jazz
2. Simmons & Strachan's Miraje It Cant Be
3. Gregory's Tonkory Tickle My Fancy
4. Venn's Miraje Hot Pursuit
5. Harris's Tonkory Tickled Pink

Puppy Bitch (13, 3a)
1. Gregory's Tonkory Shimma
2. Porter's Locheil Moments Like This For Croxlea
3. Winup & Paipala's Beesting Just En Joy At Rogansrock
4. Turner & Alexander's Tonkory Sparkle At Locheil
5. Turner & Alexander's Locheil Yours Truly

Junior Bitch (25, 2a)
1. Wiltshire's Caleykiz Rhythm In Black
2. Tasker's Goytre Repeat The Story
3. Robinson's Sheltysham Shady Stream
4. Turner & Alexander's Locheil Zsa Zsa Zoom (AI)
5. Gregory's Tonkory Q'uest Que C'est JW

Yearling Bitch (15, 2a, 1W/D)
1. Turner & Alexander's Locheil Funny Face
2. Ward & Kernahan's Charney Spica JW
3. Wiltshire's Caleykiz The Last Twist JW
4. Moss's Dorvale Star Turn
5. Strachan's Altricia Lady Laurel JW

Novice Bitch (7, 1a)
1. Sheltysham Shady Stream
2. Cook's Wizinby Rock Wit Chu
3. Kempton's Nice Of You To Comebye On And Off At Borderbrook (Imp)
4. Good & Lewis's Shemella Evening Mist
5. Waugh & Turley's Passim Bewitched

Graduate Bitch (10, 2a)
1. Blackshaw & Warwick's Locheil Miss Independent At Ruffs
2. Kerr's Melmara Let It Be Borderclan
3. Austin & Large's Bordertime Andante At Hysteps
4. Ravenscroft's Ravenscol Reach For The Sky
5. Pepper's Starside Special Song For Pedmore

Post Graduate Bitch (19, 4a)
1. Tunnicliff's Littlethorn Porsche JW
2. Rettie's Sianworth Mystic Star Over Glenfound
3. Locheil Miss Independent At Ruffs
4. Pudney's Birkvaughan Weather Girl Of Zanyway
5. Grant's Locheil All Thats Magical

Limit Bitch (24, 3a)
1. Wilkinson's Altricia Blue Whisper
2. Broadhurst's Thistlemist Which Is Witch
3. Higgins' Tonkory Lightning Strikes Jaydean JW
4. Moss's Dorvale Wedded Bliss
5. Fawcett & Harlow's Bordertime Fashion Free To B

Open Bitch (21, 4a)
1. Porter's Locheil Really And Truely At Croxlea
2. Turner's Littlethorn Sapphire
3. Hales' Laceway Bee Witching
4. Large, Fitzgerald & Harlow's Wizaland Soul Connection
5. Robinson's Sh Ch Frason Talk Of The Town

Veteran Bitch (14, 5a, 1W/D)
1. Wiltshire's Sh Ch Loracian Rhythm 'N' Blues
2. Ravenscroft's Miraje Play Misty For Ravenscol JW
3. Gowing's Wizaland Stage Whisper With Pikara
4. Smith's Terverley Teegra
5. Moss's Dorvale Nice Tri

Special Vintage Veteran Bitch (4, 2a)
1. Sutherland's Deansgrove New Edition Of Kaiona
2. Walford's Halladown Play Misty For Me

Special Open Working Bitch (4, 1a)
1. Dorvale Wedded Bliss
2. Tiller's Foxbarton Lady In Waiting JW CDex
3. Tiller's Foxbarton That's Jazz CDex UDex

Kennel Club Breeders Competition (4) ~ Judged jointly by Irene Kiff & Karen Dalglish
1. Mrs H Turner
2. Mrs Wilkinson
3. Mrs Tasker
4. Mrs H Turner


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