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Championship Show Results


The MBCC held its seventh Championship Show on 7th February 2010, generously sponsored by Royal Canin. Full results are below.

Dog CC & BIS: Sh Ch Sianworth Celtic Magician
Bitch CC & RBIS: Sh Ch Littlethorn Sapphire
Res Dog CC: Sh Ch Wizaland Cool Nifty Fifty JW
Res Bitch CC: Sh Ch Littlethorn Kia
Best Puppy Bitch & BPIS: Aculsia Boom Boom Pow
Res Best Puppy Bitch & RBPIS: Sheltysham Secret Quest
Best Puppy Dog: Janarg Rough Diamond
Res Best Puppy Dog: Caristan Nine Carat
Best Veteran Dog & BVIS: Sh Ch Sianworth Celtic Magician
Best Veteran Bitch & RBVIS: Sh Ch Littlethorn Kia

DOGS - Judge Sheena Kilsby (Whenway) ~ CRITIQUE

Minor Puppy Dog (9, 1a)
1. Janarg Rough Diamond
2. Locheil Here Comes The Son
3. Sheltysham Sparklin Soda
4. Beesting Billy Boston
5. Sheltysham Spring Splender

Puppy Dog (8, 2a)
1. Caristan Nine Carat
2. Tonkory Up And Coming
3. Miraje Top Spec
4. Borderbrook Show Me
5. Bordadale Star Gazer

Junior Dog (8, 2a)
1. Blade Of Bron Yr Aur
2. Locheil Once In A Blue Moon
3. Altricia Jackson
4. Kinaway I Am Sir Matt For Jacamalis
5. Littlethorn Falcon To Skyedown

Yearling Dog (5)
1. Beesting Just Make Believe
2. Locheil Manhatten at Borderbrook JW
3.Tonkory Take Over Borderbeck
4. Bryning Don't Stop Me Now at Ruffs
5. Collshep Grafton with Kedostel

Novice Dog (9)
1. Aculsia Starquest with Kedostel
2. Gillesta Half A Bee
3. Caristan Nine Carat
4. Tonkory Up And Coming
5. Borderbrook Show Me

Graduate Dog (3, 1a)
1. Littlethorn Scirocco
2. Locheil Manhatten at Borderbrook JW

Post Graduate Dog (14, 3a)
1. Locheil James Blonde
2. Glenfound Simply Magical for Cochwillan
3. Caleykiz Dance To The Rhythm
4. Sianworth Firecracker
5. Kinaway Mind Body And Soul

Limit Dog (21, 4a)
1. Aculsia Galaxy Choc Box JW
2. Beesting Just Make Believe
3. Tribboch Mr Dream Merchant
4. Caleykiz I Got Rhythm
5. Littlethorn Colt At Tobermoray JW

Open Dog (7, 1a)
1. Sh Ch Wizaland Cool Nifty Fifty JW
2. Wizaland Dancin Dreams Del Dunnorthac
3. Sh Ch Caleykiz Lets Twist Again
4. Terrica Sensation
5. Starside Paddy

Veteran Dog (4)
1. Fenacre Forester ShCM
2. Stillmoor Simply Special at Collshep ShCM
3. Halladown Rock Legend
4. Sh Ch Locheil Enigma at Blacdimonz JW

Special Vintage Veteran Dog (5, 1a)
1. Sh Ch Sianworth Celtic Magician
2. Resleap Highland Laird JW
3. Sh Ch Am Ch Borderfame I Am I Said
4. Snowmere Tarn JW AW

Special Open Working Dog (3)
1. Littlethorn Rolls Royce at Brooksbid CDex
2. Bryning Don't Stop Me Now at Ruffs
3. Snowmere Tarn JW AW

BITCHES - Judge Diane Ecob (Charttop)

Minor Puppy Bitch (8)
1. Sheltysham Secret Quest
2. Littlethorn Octavia
3. Dorvale Minuet
4. Sheltysham Show Blooms
5. Locheil Summer Lovin

Puppy Bitch (8)
1. Aculsia Boom Boom Bow
2. Goytre Valentine Promise JW
3. Jackscrofter mist Rising over Cochwillan
4. Littlethorn Lacetti
5. Goytre My Sweet Valentine to Olistazia

Junior Bitch (9, 2a)
1. Locheil Violets Are Blue
2. Grandver In Style
3. Littlethorn Rio
4. Collshep Gracie
5. Starsde Costa Lotta

Yearling Bitch (10, 2a)
1. Locheil Zsa Zsa Zoom
2. Tonkory Raison D'Etre
3. Ravenskirk Wildthing
4. Bordadale Red Rose Of Summer
5. Caleykiz It's a Kind Of Magic

Novice Bitch (5)
1. Gillesta Begins Again
2. Indian Lady
3. Passim Bewitched
4. Littlethorn Silver Dawn
5. Detania Seren

Graduate Bitch (8, 2a)
1. Locheil Eclipse Of The Moon Over Taranza JW ShCM
2. Laceway Wiggly Giggly
3. Tribboch Truly Scrumptious
4. Tribboch Thistle Do Me
5. Lydeardlea Special Angel

Post Graduate Bitch (18, 7a)
1. Dorvale Star Turn
2. Ravenscol Reach For The Sky
3. Wizaland I'm Simply Divine at Halladown
4. Nice Of You To Comebye On And Off at Borderbrook
5. Wizaland Kristal Moon

Limit Bitch (18)
1. Caleykiz Rhythm In Black JW
2. Tonkory Qu'est Que C'Est JW
3. Aculsia Angel N Disguise
4. Halltyne Fritillara
5. Littlethorn Porsche JW

Open Bitch (14, 4a)
1. Sh Ch Littlethorn Sapphire
2. Locheil Funny Face JW
3. Caleykiz Misty Blue
4. Sh Ch Tonkory Last Tango In Paris JW
5. Sianworth Mystic Dream JW
Veteran Bitch (10, 1a)
1. Sh Ch Littlethorn Kia
2. Wizaland Stage Whisper with Pikara
3. Miraje Play Misty for Ravenscol JW
4. Resleap Jingle Belle
5. Starside Tipsy Tia to Rogansrock

Special Vintage Veteran Bitch (5, 2a)
1. Shipelle Rain Showers Over Starside
2. Tobermoray Princess Royale
3. Ginnylands Society Girl at Pedmore

Special Open Working Bitch (3)
1. Locheil Miss Independent at Ruffs
2. Dorvale Wedded Bliss
3. Foxbarton That's Jazz CDex UDex


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