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Championship Working Trial Results
29th January - 5th February 2012

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TD STAKE ~ Judge: Lol Campbell
1st & CC Dave Olley with Little Raymond CDex - TDex PDex
  X D 210.5 (after run-off)
2nd & RCC Sheila Tannert with WT CH Styperson Cleo Lab B 210.5
3rd Maeve Weselby with Styperson Gillie Lab D 207
4th Margaret Robinson with Just Frankie At Trent Valley CDex - TDex WDS D 202

Also qualifying:
Dave Olley with WT CH Stardell Alula CDex - TDex PDex BC B 200.5
Mary Prentice with Mountlochan Laird O'Leys CDex - TDex BC D 199
Sue Ashby with The Titan CDex - TDex  WSD D 198
Mike Williams with Marina Bens Pal CDex - TDex X B 187
Jill Carruthers with WT CH Vomkyna Darca CDex - TDex GSD B 186

Qualifying TD:
John Philips with West Mids Wanderer CDex UDex WDex GSD B 158.5

Chris Trevor with Desmond Dingo CDex - TDex X D

~ * ~ * ~

UD STAKE ~ Judge: Janette Sayer
I would like to thank MBCC for asking me to judge UD at their trial held 31st January-4th February.

We had 31 entries and ran over 4days tracking on nice growth of frosted over corn. My tracklayers were Mike Williams - 4 days, Wendy Magyar 3 days, and Pat Herbert 1 day. I would like to thank you all very much for the  brilliant job you all did.
My search steward was Brian Earp,who was a really smashing companion, he took his job very seriously and nothing was to much trouble for him, I now know why Barrie and Sue want to clone him, he is invaluable.
I would also like to thank Barrie and Sue for running such a superb trial, all the hard work paid off. Not forgetting a thanks to the Farmers for the land, and the Belvoir Brewery for the lovely venue and food.

The weather got frostier each day and the dogs had to use noses well even when on occasions the track could be seen,this was of no consequence to some handlers who could not see it. Overall we had some beautiful tracks but in the early days the C/A seemed to catch dogs out, for different reasons mostly sendaway. Only 2 dogs achieving full marks on sendaway.
As the week went on the frost got harder and the dogs had to work hard at track and square, I had put a metal tent peg in square and on the last day some dogs struggled to get this, but at the end of week we had 9 qualifiers.

1st & Best Track Carol Royle with Star At Concenn CDex X B 197 (Handled by John Fitzpatrick)
This team were excellent, she was a joy to watch and he had such a lovely attitude with the dog. She tracked on rails and did a beautiful square, when it came to C/A everything was done in a smooth exact manner, only losing 1 on sendaway. Congratulations.
2nd Joan Snowden with Glenalpine Jes BC B 188
Another superb track just missing the last article, proving very costly, 4 out of square and a faultless C/A, absolutley lovely well done.
3rd Judith Owen with Brentmoor Jay BC D 186.5
Another superb track who like the one above did the same going over the last article, but again 4 from square and a lovely C/A only losing 2.5 marks.
4th Mark Herrits with Dodgin Master Markat CDex WSD D 185.5
Good track but only 3 from square was costly, the C/A was good but long jump costly.

Also qualifying:
Jackie Rutter with Stardell Solar at Nyewood CDex BC D 180
Martyn Willcock with Murphy Magnus Lummox CDex WSD D 177.5
Anita Doxey with Croesllwyn Streak of Light CDex WSD D 172
Debbie Williams with Astra Tziaka BC D 172
Sarah Moore with Kizzie Wizzie of Moorelands CDex UDex X B 169

I hope you all enjoyed your experience as much as I enjoyed judging and watching you and your dogs work together. Well done to all who took part.

~ * ~ * ~

CD STAKE ~ Judge: Zoe Finlay
1st Ross McCarthy with Hanbar Karlo
Rott D 89.75 Q EX
2nd Debbie Williams with Astra Tziaka BC D 84.5 Q EX
3rd John Simpson with Far Canal Foster  X D 79.5 Q CD
4th Lynn Bricknell with Solindy Black Magic WSD B 82.75 NQ

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