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Championship Show - 30th April 2016

Dogs - Mrs Kathy Burnell (Fieldbank)

Thank you to Sandra my excellent steward for the day. I would also like to thank the committee for the invitation to judge at this show albeit a year earlier than planned. I had originally agreed to judge the bitches in 2017 however was asked if I would agree to bring my appointment forward due to the allocated 2016 judge being unable to fulfill the appointment at this time.

Thank you to all those who gave me their entry. I had some quality dogs to go over and was pleased to see some promising youngsters, in a couple of the classes I could easily reverse the first and second placings on a different day.

The weather was not very kind to us causing the ground to become a little soft in places. I made allowances for this giving the handlers the opportunity to avoid some areas when gaiting their dogs. The show was scheduled to take place outside and as a judge I came prepared, especially in the footwear department though not so some of the handlers. As a judge I can only assess what is presented to me on the day. Movement is a major part of my evaluation of the dogs and it is disappointing to see some exhibits not able to give their best due to being held back to the handlers pace instead of the handler matching the dog’s natural pace.

Only 3 level bites today and two dogs with missing molars, I have previously found this to be a bigger problem. A few dogs had a short foreface, some had rather full cheeks and eyes that were more rounded than oval. Thankfully these traits were in the minority but when all put together can give a rather startled look.

Minor Puppy Dog (8, 1a)
1. Tunnicliff’s Littlethorn Manta. An 8mth old black/white with a pleasing head and dark eyes complimenting his expression. A well-constructed front with straight legs and well laid shoulders. Nicely balance overall, good movement from all angles showing plenty of reach and drive to secure this first place.
2. Spencer’s Tobermoray All About Banksy. 6mths, blue/white. A well boned youngster with a nice head and good ear carriage, moved soundly though not covering the ground as well as the winner.
3. Smith & Ratcliffe’s Arrodare Sex On Fire

Puppy Dog (4)
1. Turner & Alexander’s Locheil Keep Your Promise. 11mths b/w. An impressive dog of good size with a beautiful clean outline, good reach of neck and well placed shoulders, well sprung ribs with enough depth. A well-shaped masculine head without exaggeration. I particularly liked his hindquarters, lovely shaping over the croup and stifle with well let down hocks. Movement was very smooth, plenty of reach and drive. In the challenge he gave a very good account of himself and showed a fluidity of movement that outshone many of his elders. I was pleased to award him Best Puppy dog and the Reserve CC.
2. Wilkinson’s Altricia What About That. A very appealing tri, 8mths old with a beautiful head and expression. Overall he is a good size with a beautiful outline, plenty of bone and many of the qualities of the winner unfortunately carrying too much weight that tended to make him roll a little spoiling his movement which is otherwise very sound.
3. Morley & Rogerson’s Chikaramor Kynda Special

Junior Dog (6)
1st and 2nd were from the same kennel with different parentage. I preferred the outline of the winner having good balance and giving a better overall performance than 2 which I felt was a little longer in the loin and rangier. Both dogs had a good head pattern, well laid shoulders, I had a preference towards the movement of 1.
1. Wiltshire’s Caleykiz Thunderstruck
2. Ambler’s Caleykiz Time To Boogie
3. Neve & Kinton’s Tazeos The Magician with Kinaway

Yearling Dog (10, 1a)
1. Mills’ Kinaway The Prophet. A strong boned red/white with a masculine head and keen alert expression. Good length of neck and well laid shoulders. Balanced body with a strong topline, well constructed rear end with a good outline over the croup which is a little hidden under his thick coat that tends to make him look a bit square. Good movement and sound fore and aft.
2. Atkin, Green & Ratcliffe’s Dalguise Dream On JW. b/w. A lovely shape to the topline of this dog both standing and on the move. Well placed shoulders and a nice front. Moved well.
3. Ambler’s Caleykiz Time To Boogie

Novice Dog (2)
1. Morley & Rogerson’s Chikaramor Kynda Special. A masculine dog presented in good coat and condition. A steady mover but a little loose at the front.
2. Gardner’s Littlethorn Kentucky. A tri colour with correct length of body and a nice shape over the croup.

Graduate Dog (3)
Not the best class of the day, my winner claimed the prize having a smooth outline standing and moving well in side profile, 2nd had a strong masculine head but was rather steady on the move.
1. Ambler’s Caleykiz Born To Boogie
2. Ross’ Anscot Together Forever
3. Martell’s Bordertime King Of Queens for Dylarno

Post Graduate Dog (14, 3a)
Some nice dogs in this class and it was a close decision between the first two positions. The dogs were well presented and handled. Both having masculine heads of good shape and correct eye colour.
1. Martells’ Caldonbeck Winter Soldier. A 4 year old blue/white of excellent proportions. Good length of neck, well laid shoulders. A lovely front on this dog, good angulation at both ends and a well sprung rib cage. On the move he showed very good reach and a strong driving action complemented by a smooth outline.
2. Mills’ Beesting Dalesman. A handsome blue merle, 5 years, my first impression was that he was a little stuffy around the shoulders with a short neck however on examination found this incorrect. His dense coat is covering a well-constructed frame. A pleasing head pattern with a kind expression. Again sound movement from all angles.
3. Fisher’s Clinders’ Kid Balue

Limit Dog (9, 1a)
1. Mills’ Beesting Mesemba. A 4 year old with the same parentage as 2nd in the previous class and very much of the same type, including the coat. This time a b/w with an almost solid black face. Many of my comments on the dogs in the previous class apply to Mesemba including very good lines over the rear and powerful driving action.
2. Ratcliffe’s Arrodare Hear Me Roar. An upstanding youngster just out of junior competing very well against some of the more mature dogs. Similar in type to the winner with a lovely head, expressive ears giving an alert expression and smooth outline, lovely bone complemented by super muscle tone. A sound mover but did not quite match the drive of the winner however I believe it will not be long before this young dog will be taking the top honours.
3. Entwistle’s Beesting Buzzwagon

Open Dog (11, 1a)
1. Portman’s Sh Ch Caleykiz Smoke On The Water. blue/white. Yet another super dog from the Caleykiz kennel. I was pleased to award him the CC and in agreement with the bitch judge he was also awarded Best in Show. At this point I usually go through points of the dog to give the reader an idea of what I have found so pleasing about the winner however, on this occasion I will not. This dog is a super example of my interpretation of the breed standard. The handler knows how to get the very best from the dog and it is a pleasure to see him walk into a freestanding position on a loose lead, then take command the ring on the move by simply being given the freedom to lower his head, (a natural position for the Border Collie) which in turn gives him the opportunity to fully extend as you would expect from a dog capable of working in the field. Well done.
2. Green’s Sh Ch Fayken I Am Legend JW. 4½ year old, half-brother to the winner (same sire). Many appealing attributes to this dog and a very worthy champion. A lovely b/w with classic markings that cannot fail to draw your eye. Beautifully balanced and sound on the move however he did not seem fully settled with his surroundings today and on the move, at times was more interested in what was going on behind him spoiling both his gait and side profile.
3. Gregory’s Tonkory Because I Am Yours JW

Veteran Dog (2)
1. Portman’s Caleykiz Dance To The Rhythm. A naughty 8½ year old behaving like a puppy (I’m talking about the dog not the handler). A handsome dog with a masculine head of good size and bone that moved well around the ring.
2. Hawker’s Foxbarton Taittinger JW ShCM AW(B). Not quite as free on the move as the winner.

Special Vintage Veteran Dog (4)
1. Foster-Cooper’s Sheltysham Space Spy. A lovely b/w of 11½ years who took over the ring like a 3 year old and made his handler work for the place. To get the best out of a Border Collie you need to be able to adapt to the dogs optimum pace on the move not to the handlers pace. This handler certainly knows her dog! Best Veteran Dog.
2. Neve’s Multi Sh Ch Kerrybrent NZ Midnite Solo. A 10 year old presented in beautiful coat and condition. Could not quite match the movement of Space Spy.
3. Collier’s Beesting Indiana
4. Mann’s Borderpride Classic Affair

Special Open Working Dog (4, 2a)
1. Fisher’s Clinders’ Kid Balue. Blue/White. Previously took 3rd in a strong post graduate class. Nice face with a gentle expression, good bone and smooth flowing movement.
2. Hawker’s Foxbarton Taittinger JW ShCM AW(B)



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