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Open Obedience Show Results

Show held on Easter Sunday, 27th March 2016

Introductory ~ Karen Fone
1. Mrs S Harrison & Seanua Sans Souci, Smooth Collie
2. Ms T Hyman & Maverick The First, X
3. Miss A Gilbert & Glencambus Cadenza, Springer Spaniel
4. Ms F Upton & Tia Queen of The Stars
5. Mrs A Miroshnikov & Klemens ZíBlekitnego Rodu, Chihuahua
6. Miss Julie Shakespeare & Ebony N Ivory, WS
7. Ms F Upton & Lady Misty of the Shire, X
8. Ms D Hartopp & Drinwil April Love, Cairn Terrier
9. Mr R Warner & Mist, X
10. Ms C Price & Monamatapa Ngozi Ntombi, Cavalier KCS

Pre-Beginner ~ Bev Hughes ~ Judge's Report
1. Miss R Paine & Mad Miss Maddy, X
2. Mrs K Weston & Shirlett Mad Man, Cocker Spaniel
3. Mrs J Tuck & Myndoc Minstrel for Craygill, Shetland Sheepdog
4. Mr Andrew Bird & Jekyll Jake, WS
5. Mrs E Richards (handled by Mr M Richards) & Glenalpine Dazzling Star, BC
6. Miss Suzy Dadley & Ziggy Rose, X
7. Ms Klair Jones & Take It To The Max, BC
8. Mrs J Tuck & Ag Ch Japaro Cool Jazz at Craygill, Shetland Sheepdog
9. Mr L Rowe & Daskin Askin, WS
10. Miss A Gilbert & Golden Bwich Braken, BC

Beginner ~ Lisa Brannan ~ Judge's Report
1. Mr G Dalton & Iggy Showtime Vegas, BC
2. Mrs E Richards (handled by Mr M Richards) & Glenalpine Dazzling Star, BC
3. Miss B Carroll & Le Voleur Noir, X
4. Mrs K Weston & Shirlett Mad Man, Cocker Spaniel
5. Miss R Paine & Mad Miss Maddy, X
6. Mrs W Meyrick & Flyhart Eesha, GSD
7. Mr Andrew Bird & Jekyll Jake, WS
8. Mr P Grant & Stillrockin Twist, WS
9. Mrs P Nethergate & Gemma Bee, X
10. Miss S Dadley & Ziggy Rose, X

Novice Dog Part 1 ~ Sue King
1. Mrs M Ray & Sarkam Sinatra, WS
2. Mr R Arblaster & Sarkam Thunder Storm, WS
3. Mrs D Walton & Dorvale Dance Manster at Ellejay, BC
4. Ms M Scott & Bordertime Mags Nificent Mascottsway, BC
5. Mrs J Ashmore & Deltamadog Show It All, BC
6. Miss S Beswick & Razda Right Said Fred, BC

Novice Dog Pt.2 ~ Mick Vessey
1. Mrs S Brown & Mumbo Jumbo Joop, WS
2. Mrs F Wickenden & Borderpride Keep A Secret, BC
3. Mrs D Walton & Borderlair Russia With Love, WS
4. Mrs L Clay & Yenriac Master James, WS
5. Mrs D McCombe & Baileys A Darling On A Good Day, WS
6. Miss D Mason & Jotars Rileys Design, ASD

Novice Dog Pt.3 ~ Pauline Barr ~ Judge's Report
1. Mrs W Birch & Coolpawz Just Joey of Greyvalley, BC
2. Mrs P Ansell & Ryansdi Hard Days Knight, WS
3. Mrs S Flight & Sully Seven, WS
4. Mrs S Hyde & Jarysmystic Fire Cracker, Golden Retriever
5. Mrs S Brown & Hollysea at Crickhollow, BC
6. Mrs S Owen & Touch of Club Class, WS

Class A Dog Pt.1 ~ Emma Hughes
1. Miss M Newman & Sarkam Rap It Up, WS
2. Miss L Holmes & Nobite High Flyer, BC
3. Mrs D Williams & Astra Tziaka CDex UDex, BC
4. Mrs J Aldridge & Touch of Club Romance at Malaridge, WS
5. Ms V Ridgers & Pepsanner The Pirate, Golden Retriever
6. Miss L Griffin & Vaneldyrks Angus, GSD

Class A Dog Pt.2 ~ Carol Clack ~ Judge's Report
1. Mrs J Blackwell & Choxxstart Bemaboy, Bearded Collie
2. Mrs S Hayward & Jetril McArthur, GSD
3. Mrs B Howe & Uno Da Amore, BC
4. Mrs S Cotton & Wild Foggy Marsh, Golden Retriever
5. Mrs M Dobbs & Kenmillix Serenity, Labrador
6. Mrs M Fox & Choystean Chicago, BC

Class B Dog Pt.1 ~ Polly Poulton
1. Mr K Boulton & Moakies Mountain Frost of Topori, WS
2. Mrs D Williams & Astra Tziaka, CDex UDex, BC
3. Miss P Colledge & Vamp Ash, Golden Retriever
4. Mr W Morris & Kinton Kaiz Blue Zonic, GSD
5. Miss L Fellows & WIckedyoukay Absolut Nut, GSD
6. Mr M Davies & Dovemere Star Gazing Boy, BC

Class B Dog Pt.2 ~ Pandy Keyte
1. Mrs H Weaver & Ruskath Lightning Image, WS
2. Mrs B Holden & Alfie of Hodge House, X
3. Mrs L Yates & Jezzaddy Its Percy Prancer, WS
4. Mrs S Rice & Erikachen Feidhelm At Tollerice, NSDTR
5. Mrs M Lilley & Tsubasa of Lucky, WS
6. Mrs J Morse & Mr Darcee My Touch of Class, WS

Class C Dog Pt.1 - John Taylor ~ Judge's Report
1. Mrs M Ray & Ob Ch Colliewood Blue Jeans, WS
2. Mrs G Steadman & Ob Ch Nobite Defence of the Realm, BC
3. Ms K Russell & Ob Ch Ruskath Magical Image, WS
4. Mrs J Bates & Ob Ch Bluefizz Taika Chance on Me, X
5. Mrs L Collins & Starnias Thriller This Is It OW C Ex, BC
6. Mrs S Earp & Eclipse of the Heart, WS

Class C Dog Pt.2 ~ Kevin Puckett
1. Mrs D Watts & Ob Ch Ziggdan Zyco, WS
2. Mrs T Kimblin & Schaisla National Treasure OW, WS
3. Mrs S Slater & Fenellark Feeliní Groovy, BC
4. Mrs E Campbell & Tamras Top O The Morning, WS
5. Mrs N Murrell & Moor River OW, WS
6. Mrs S Owen & Trimore Knight of Clubs, WS

Novice Bitch Pt.1 ~ Claire Stewart
1. Ms S Hall & Detania Enchanged Envy, BC
2. Mr B Boulter/Miss B Peters & Briabar Spooky Spectre, Golden Retriever
3. Miss V Berry & Nudged Her Way In, X
4. Miss K Parkes & Glebe Von Wood Oceans Star, GSD
5. Mr P Spencer & Denwyn Megan, BC
6. Mrs S Rice & Tollerice Aiva Zoff, NSDTR

Novice Bitch Pt.2 ~ Keith Britton
1. Mrs S Henstridge & Remror Ziva, WS
2. Dr J Lloyd & Braibar Special Mission, Golden Retriever
3. Mrs R Scholey & Jezzaddy Its Just Jess, WS
4. Mrs P Watson & Itís Jaros Madness, WS
5. Mrs S Garner & Sarkam Anna, WS
6. Mr & Mrs J Kent & Tyefold Raquelle, WS

Class A Bitch Pt.1 ~ Rosie Colwood
1. Dr J Lloyd & Briabar Special Mission, Golden Retriever
2. Mr C Huntley & Touch of Moondust, WS
3. Mrs L Portch & Lambfair Stolen Cherries, WS
4. Mrs K Mangan & Sarkam Special Reserve, WS
5. Miss N Linbourne & Cornerpix Lawdy Miss Clawdy, Rottweiler
6. Mrs S Bowlas & Jazzabins Memory, WS

Class A Bitch Pt.2 ~ Ann Durie
1. Ms J Sutherland & Candlewind Capri, BC
2. Mr P Spencer & Denwyn Ceri, BC
3. Mr J & Mrs G Blair & Blairs Wolf Sima-Suu, Finnish Lapphund
4. Mrs A Reynolds & Deltamadog Lucky Lacey, BC
5. Mrs S Owen & Sixela Price of Oxonia, BC
6. Mrs A Tack-Benton & Destiny Butter Nutter Beg Ex, X

Class B Bitch Pt.1 ~ Steve Rutter
1. Mr R Arblaster & Sixela Thunder Storm, BC
2. Mrs D Giddens & Touch of Rhythm, WS
3. Mrs A Rogers & Touch of Princess Tutu, WS
4. Mrs P Kirk & Pepsanner Shanti Dan, Golden Retriever
5. Miss C Bates & Ruskath Lyrical Image, WS
6. Mrs S Amos & Stillrockin Angel Eyes, WS

Class B Bitch Pt.2 ~ Shirley Clowes
1. Ms H Grey & Be My Miracle, WS
2. Mr & Mrs J Kent & Tyefold Xaria, WS
3. Mrs H Munks & Foxfold Helís Angel, GSD
4. Mrs J Skipp & Sheís The One, BC
5. Mr C Huntley & Touch of Moondust, WS
6. Mrs S Amos & Glenrobin Snow Scape, BC

Class C Bitch Pt.1 ~ Suzy Tooley ~ Judge's Report
1. Ms K Russell & Ob Ch/Wt Ch Ruskath Othentic Image CD Ex TD Ex
2. Mrs L Collins & Gypton Just a Genius OW, WS
3. Mrs P Watson & OB Ch Forever Magic Its Flicker, WS
4. Mr & Mrs D Dickens & Malaridge Blue Moon, WS
5. Mr & Mrs J Ball & Pepsanner Lady Macbeth of Bacarolle, Golden Retriever
6. Miss M Van Gils & Wagginmutt Rock Chick OW, Flat Coat Retriever

Class C Bitch Pt.2 ~ Phil Barnes
1. Mrs J Aldridge & Rockin in the Mist at Malaridge, WS
2. Mrs W Birch & Gypton Just Della of Greyvalley, WS
3. Ms K Russell & Sarkam Explicit Image for Ruskath, WS
4. Mrs M Ray & Sarkam Sings The Blues, WS
5. Ms S Campbell & Sarkam Fuse The Dream, WS
6. Mrs Y Davies & Bonvivant Vivace, BSD

Charity Special ~ John Patilla
1. Miss K Fone & Carishill Aqua Marine OW, Golden Retriever
2. Miss S Yates & Moley Newton, Golden Retriever
3. Miss T Pilsbury & Capnmegs High Jynx, WS
4. Mrs T Ansell & Ch Chalkwell Comic Relief OW, Standard Poodle
5. Mr C & Mrs M Dick & Wywylwynd Rana, Standard Poodle
6. Mrs P Batham & Kesyra Harmony, GSD


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