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Novice Bitch Part 1 Report

16th April 2017

Judge: Fiona Henderson

I would like to thank Midlands Border Collie Club for inviting me to judge at their Show this year. Sheilagh Hyde and the Midlands Border Collie team were all so welcoming. Providing us with breakfast, a fantastic lunch, as well as a thank you gift of a splendid Easter Egg, (so very appropriate on Easter Sunday). It was all very much appreciated. Thank you to John Ball and his Stay team for the smooth running of Novice Stays

Also, a special thank you to Julia Bodsworth for calm and dependable Ring Stewarding, all done with with a good sense of humour. Which is always an invaluable asset

I would also like to thank all the competitors for not keeping me waiting and for working so well and cheerfully even though it was cold and threatening to rain for most of the time. I wish you all good luck in your future competitions and that the elusive red rosette comes to each of you at some point during the season.

1st Lauren Jackson with Wolfcast by Moonlight, Border Collie. Such an excellent round that it was very hard to find any fault with it. Only a couple of slight losses of position during Heel free to mark. A very well deserved first place. You are sure to win out of Novice soon!

2nd Mr Hodgetts with Albesa Dark Spirit, German Shepherd. Another very good round with few errors followed by a Clear Recall and an almost perfect Retrieve. Albesa worked carefully and consistently at all times just losing position a couple of times. I hope that you get the red one next time.

3rd Jane Hedges with Blacktoft Quickstep of Satinblaze, Flat Coat Retriever. Only a quarter of a mark between this team and second place. So a super round by this hard working dog. Itís a real pleasure to have a Flat Coat in the ring and she was keen to show what she could do. She also won the run off for third place with a Clear Recall. Well done and Iím sure that she will be the class winner soon!

4th Patricia Faulkner with Zanyway Billie Jean, Border Collie. Another team that was only a quarter of a mark away from second place and then unfortunately lost out on the run off for third place. Some very good Heel Work but a couple of crooked sits in Recall and Retrieve kept her from a higher position. A super dog who is sure to do well this season.

5th Michelle Mellor with Morgansr Touch of Silk, Working Sheepdog. This little Tricolour dog had a clear Recall and some very neat Heel Work. A couple of crooked sits meant that she had a run off for fifth place which she won easily. She is sure to move up the cards as her ĎSitsí improve. Good luck with the rest of the season

6th Caroline Gebbie with Davenette Spooky Night, Boxer. It was lovely to see a Boxer in the line up! She worked so well. With only some slight lagging and a crooked sit to mark. Unfortunately she lost out on the run off with another crooked sit. But over all she was a keen worker and a pleasure to have in the ring. Good luck with the rest of the season.


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