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Novice Dog Part 1 Report

16th April 2017

Judge: Sandra Trainer

As always a very well organised show. Bacon butties to start and a very welcome hot meal at lunch, just as well as the weather was dry but very cold. Many thanks to Sam my steward who as always un flappable and guided everyone with ease, many thanks mate. The class was a mixed bag as always at the start of the season, with a lot more training rounds than I have ever had in a Novice class before, but I was very impressed with the attitude of the handlers and most of the dogs seemed to really enjoy themselves. My line up was very tight, with anyone of them on a different day taking the top spot.

1st Mr K Boulton and BORDERLAIR MONT PELE OF TOPORI W/S. Lost 2. Worked early in the running order and set the bar high. Great round from Ken and Pele, just a little loss of position on a couple of turns, making him swing his bum a little (by the way I do mean Pele). A little lift on ret and a hold on, but a really polished performance. Congratulations on your win.

2nd Justin Parker and CONQUELL URA GSD. Lost 2¼. This is my team to watch, a super GSD with great drive and straight back. So easily could have taken the top spot, but dad stopped on most of the turns. Believe in your boy Justin, he knows his job let him get on with it. I predict big things for this team. Well done.

3rd Mrs V Brown and MUMBO JUMBO JOOP W/S. Lost 3. I like this team a lot they compliment each other well, very neat. Holds a good position on the straight, but loses it on turns with Joop dropping back. OCP in rec and mouthing in ret, but still a very good performance. Well done.

4th Mr S Devaney and OLANTIGH HIDDEN TREASURE GSD. Lost 3½. I have a really soft spot for this GSD, so different in style to the other GSD in the line up. A beautiful big boy who is calmly handled just enough to let his personality shine through. Bits and pieces put you down the line, but Iím sure this is just a blip....watch this space. Well done.

5th R Curtis and SARKAM MR RAMBUNCTIOUS W/S. Lost 3¾. This little dog was a rocket, super keen and enjoying his work, which unfortunately resulted in errors with all exercises. When this dog settles he should move up the classes with ease very well handled. Well done.

6th Mrs L Barwick and TOBERMORY TALK OF THE TOWN B/C. Lost 4. This is another team that came in the ring with gusto. He was pushy and crowding his mom at times and this again makes for mistakes. Another dog that will I am sure progress with ease when he settles. Well done.

I must mention Mrs C Hall and BROCH OF RUTHIN a Parson Russell Terrier and Mrs C Schwarz and SUMMERGREEN BLUEBERRY Min Schnauzer. These two ladies came and asked to train and WOW did they train. Both only did little bits of the test, but with fun, motivation and above all accuracy, which I find is always lacking in training rounds, but not with these two. If I was a dog I would want one of you ladies to be my mom.FAB-U LUS.


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