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Championship Show - 24th September 2021

Bitches - Kathie Kinton (Kinaway)

It is always an honour to judge a club ch show thank you for such a lovely entry. Many thanks to Adam my steward efficient throughout and kept the ring moving.

I did wonder in advance of the day how the quality would stand up to what I would be looking for but was very pleased with most of the classes I had to find small things to split the difference. The quality coming through the younger classes means the future is bright.

I wanted overall balance and free flowing movement that had some sparkle and attentiveness that matched my idea of tenaciousness. When judging we cannot “tell” if they can do a day’s work, but they must be built correctly and have the alertness and expression to want to please. A few incorrect mouths and my pet hate some carrying too much weight, I think the owners were aware and will be working hard to get them back to the correct weight. It was a long day, and some exhibits just flagged a bit towards the end, I must say I was delighted with my young winners and nearly all the class winners. Thank you for the joy of judging your girls.

I would like to add the males put forward by my co judge all were good examples of the breed and the two of us had to split hairs on the awards.

Minor Puppy Bitch (4, 1a)
1. Cox’s Tidespring On The Move. Still a baby, sweet well balanced head correct eye. Held her topline on the move and good angles throughout. In good coat and condition.
2. Portman’s Laceway Dream Of Albion. Another baby enjoying her day out. Feminine head with correct stop and overall balance. Once settled had good side gait, and free movement.
3. Domotori’s Wild Storm Before You Go

Puppy Bitch (7, 1a)
1. Kempton’s Borderbrook Winter Sunset (RBPB). Well balanced feminine pup still has some growing to do as on the smaller side. Good reach of neck once settled covered the ground well. Liked her ear set and expression. Would like more forward extension, this will come as she matures.
2. Lee & Ratcliffe’s Arrodare Rebel With A Cause. Well balanced body, head correct with balanced proportions. Good neck and well laid shoulders. Not as steady as the 1st due to pulling away on the corners. Lovely croup, good angles.
3. Farris’ Tobermory Heaven Sent for Flintrix

Junior Bitch (7, 1a). This was some class quality throughout.
1. Oliver’s Tambuzi Girlz On Fire (BCC). My star of the day, she had the qualities I was looking both in terms of expression, and physical balance. Easy ground covering movement with minimum lift. Correct croup and tail set. A pleasure to watch her side gait. She did get a little tried in the BOB challenge understandably as it had been a long day.
2. Lee & Ratcliffe’s Arrodare Showdown (RBCC) (BPB). Sweet head with good stop and correct proportions giving the correct expression. Used her ears as a BC should. Good shoulder placement and free flowing movement around the ring. I don’t often go down the classes to the puppies for major honours, so this young lady has a lot to offer in quality.
3. Wiltshire’s Caleykiz Jitterbug

Yearling Bitch (2)
1. Batiste’s Junedrop Shooting Star (ATC). Nice front assembly. Balanced head. Needed to settle on the move.
2. Harnett’s Charleygems Zinnia. Honest, nice head, and ears. Lacking bone, narrow in front. Shoulders okay. Lacked front extension.

Graduate Bitch (14, 3a)
1. Lewis’ Shemella Shepherds Delight. Lovely well balanced blue & white. Not quite in full coat but nothing to hide. Correct head & eye and an alert expression. Good neck and shoulders. Moved with drive and another with correct side gait.
2. Buckley’s Tambuzi True Colours. Balanced head good stop. Liked her expression. Correct length of neck, in good condition. Moved out well covering the ground.
3. Surridge’s Tonkory Jasmine

Post Graduate Bitch (14, 3)
1. Green & Ratcliffe Arrodare Beautiful Trauma. Liked her head and expression. Moved out with confidence and good reach and drive. Good angles. Well, deserved first place and close for further consideration.
2. Large, Hadley & Thompson’s Anscot Jasmine. Good front and rear movement. Liked her head and expression. Good spring of rib but a tad bit more weight than my ideal. A pleasure to watch her side gait.
3. Shahmatova’s Nashdom Three Times a Lady

Limit Bitch (10, 3a)
1. Wiltshire’s Caleykiz Hey There Delilah. Very dark head with a good length of neck into a correct length of body. Pleasing angulation, came into her own on the move, extending well and good side gait. She was duly considered for top honours.
2. Lucas' Aculsia Who’s That Girl. A very close decision between the 1st & 2nd love this girl for type. Balanced head, good neck, and shoulders. Correct croup and moved round the ring with ease. On the last run around 1st just extended slightly more but little in it.
3. Shahmatova’s Nashdom Strawberry Fields

Open Bitch (10, 3a)
1. Green & Ratcliffe’s Fayken I Am Here JW. Lots to like. Correct neck onto a good shoulder placement. Good turn of stifle and has reach and drive that won her this class. A balanced head but would have liked a little more alertness to her handler to give me that working attitude. But to be fair it had been a long day for the girls.
2. Lewis’ Shemella Moonlight Dream. An honest bitch, who I think might get overlooked on occasions. She has a lovely expression and good stop and balanced head. Good Croup, in excellent condition which showed in her movement which was effortless.
3. Shahmatova’s Nashdom One Day in May

Champion Bitch (1, 1a)

Veteran Bitch (3, 1a)
1. Wiltshire’s Caleykiz Make M’ya Aphrodite (BVB). Good reach of neck and correct shoulders. Feet in good condition, nice depth of rib and balance. Pleasant in profile and moved with ease.
2. Marshall’s Littlethorn Shelby (RBVB). A good veteran to go over, correct front and angles. Sadly, today she was out of condition, particularly the condition of the coat.

Special Working Bitch (3, 1a)
1. Lewis’ Shemella Drifting Snow. A pretty head and good ear carriage. Good depth of front and well laid shoulders. Moved well around the ring.
2. Hawker’s Jupavia Midnight Secret by Taytinja. Another very fit young lady, good spring of ribs. Not so steady on the move as 1st think being a working girl this was just too slow for her as she wanted to outrun her handler. Sweet expression.

Special Open Bitch AOC than Black & White (5, 3a)
1. Wilkinson’s Altricia Luck Be A Lady. Lovely shape, well balanced both in head and body. Attentive to handler and clearly enjoys having a good time around the ring.
2. Adamson’s Miracles Happen Z Cernobilych for Borderstorm (Imp CZE). Good length of back and angles just didn’t have the movement and balance of first but lots to like.

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