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Breed Shows

The Midlands Border Collie Club holds a Championship Show each year in February and an Open Show with Limited Obedience in October. Our shows are noted for their warm and friendly atmosphere and we are always delighted to welcome exhibitors old and new.

In January 2005 the club was honoured to host the Border Collie Of The Year (2004) competition. Results and photos can be reached via the Archive.

At the October 2005 Open Show we held a 20/20 clinic to send blood samples for DNA testing (CEA and CL in Border Collies, but open to all breeds with various DNA test requirements) to OptiGen in the USA. At the same time we were delighted to welcome Ann Stacey, who ran a clinic taking buccal (cheek) swabs for CL DNA testing by Genetic Science Services in Australia. Since then the club has run a 20/20 clinic on behalf of the Border Collie Breed Council at their annual Open Days.

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Midlands Border Collie Club's Judging Criteria can be downloaded from the link to the left. If you require an emailed copy, please contact the Secretary using the link on the left

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Results from shows held within the previous 12 months are linked below. Results are transferred to the Archive once each show has been superseded by the next year's event.

You will notice that there are no results from 2020 (when the Covid pandemic caused the cancellation of the majority of shows), but 2 Championship shows were held in 2021.

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Breed Show Results:
Championship Show - 8th May 2022: Results
Open Show - 29th October 2022: Results
Open Show - 19th January 2023: Results

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Challenge Certificate Roll Of Honour

2004 DCC ~ Rosehurst Golden Sand BCC ~ Sheltysham Such A Dreamer
2005 DCC ~ Bekkis Whirlwind BCC ~ Sh Ch Bridacre Bronte JW
2006 DCC ~ Mobella Henessey of Tarrynden BCC ~ Mobella Daniella at Cochwillan
2007 DCC ~ Tribboch Mr Wonderful BCC ~ Aculsia Continental Diva
2008 DCC ~ Caleykiz Mystical Dragon BCC ~ Madeleys Posh Spice
2009 DCC ~ Sh Ch/Ir Ch Beesting Orlando BCC ~ Altricia Blue Whisper
2010 DCC ~ Sh Ch Sianworth Celtic Magician BCC ~ Sh Ch Littlethorn Sapphire
2011 DCC ~ Sh Ch Janbell Jamieson JW BCC ~ Aculsia Boom Boom Pow
2012 DCC ~ Laceway Lone Ranger BCC ~ Sh Ch Moshanta Movin' On Up JW ShCM
2013 DCC ~ Sh Ch Caleykiz Mystical Dragon JW BCC ~ Sh Ch Altricia Lady Grace by Arrodare JW
2014 DCC ~ Caleykiz Smoke On The Water BCC ~ Sh Ch Caleykiz Rhythm In Black JW
2015 DCC ~ Chastanse Sweet William BCC ~ Sheltysham Shockin Showoff
2016 DCC ~ Sh Ch Caleykiz Smoke On The Water BCC ~ Arrodare Devil In Disguise JW
2017 DCC ~ Laceway Photo Finish BCC ~ Sh Ch Fayken Indecent Proposal JW
2018 DCC ~ Lydeardlea Supersonic Of Belsmard BCC ~ Fayken I Am Love JW
2019 DCC ~ Arrodare Sex On Fire BCC ~ Laceway Echo Falls JW
2021 DCC ~ Sh Ch Caleykiz Smoke On The Water BCC ~ Tambuzi Girlz On Fire
2021 DCC ~ Sh Ch Sashdan High Hopes for Dykebar JW BCC ~ Fayken I Am Here JW
2022 DCC ~ Sh Ch Caleykiz Snoke On The Water BCC ~ Tambuzi Girlz On Fire JW
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