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Doreen Hutchinson

6th July 1926 Ė 16th November 2017

President of The Midlands Border Collie Club until her death.

Doreen was born in Durham and moved down to Cosby in Leicestershire with her parents, brother and sister at the beginning of the Second World War, where her parents ran a small farm to help out with the war effort. It was here that Doreenís love of dogs began, she often told tales of the little smooth coated Fox Terrier that lived with them on the farm. The first dogs that Doreen owned herself were two miniature poodles, closely followed by her first Border Collie, Graf. Graf was a beautiful, strongly marked tricolour who went on to win many prizes at dog shows - this was before the Border Collie was accepted by the Kennel Club, Border Collies had to be entered in the AOV classes and Graf did very well.

Doreen then went on to buy two pups from Nan Simpson, Brig and Sian who were the beginning of her breeding line. These two dogs produced healthy, happy, even tempered puppies.

Doreen was there right at the beginning of The Midlands Border Collie Club, then a satellite of The Border Collie Club of GB. Initially we held our meetings in committee membersí homes but it didnít take long before all of our meetings were held at Doreenís. She insisted on putting on a lovely supper and even though living on a small pension she wouldnít take a penny towards the food.

Doreen loved the Club and always put it first, at committee meetings she would speak her mind in a calm, reasoned manner, she helped out at all of our events. We all loved her home made puddings, Bob especially, he was always hopeful that there would be left-overs for him to take home!

Doreen loved going to dog shows; we would set off early in the morning with our dogs bathed and groomed, excited about the day ahead and hopeful that we would bring home a prize card, very often we would, but if we didnít we had still had a lovely day out with our dogs and friends. Training her dogs was important to Doreen, all of her dogs went to dog training and it wasnít long before Doreen was taking the classes at several Clubs.

Through the many years of our friendship Doreen always had a Border Collie. I remember the last one, Doreen was getting on in age so a puppy was out of the question, so we travelled up to a farm in Yorkshire and got Jack, a 10 year old Border Collie that had spent most of his life on a chain. I remember Doreen worrying that he wouldnít want to live indoors but she neednít have worried, he loved being a house dog and spent a very happy 4 years by Doreenís side.

When Jack died, Doreen was virtually housebound and was unhappy without a dog. I suggested Tiggy a Rescue Pomeranian who needed a new home. Doreen wasnít keen on the idea of a lapdog but agreed to meet him, it was love at first sight and it didnít take long for this little bundle of energy to worm his way into her heart.

When Tiggy died Doreen was devastated, she knew that her dog owning days were at an end. I would take my dogs around to see her but it wasnít the same, she missed having a warm soft body next to her on the sofa.

Doreen will be very much missed by the Midlands Border Collie Club committee and by all who knew this lovely lady.

Val Earp

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