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Utility Certificate Criteria


All claims for section qualifications must be substantiated with proof of passing.
Open to ALL members of the Midlands Border Collie Club and their dogs, irrespective of breed.
Dogs MUST be ISDS or KC (Breed or Ob. Record) Registered.
In Agility, Flyball and Working Trials sections, dogs MUST be a minimum of 18 months of age.
In sections not covered by official competition, dogs may qualify by gaining 2 external assessors who must sign that the section has been carried out correctly and the dog qualified as stipulated by Certification Requirements.
All tests are optional; they may be worked for in any order and passed part by part. Disabled/less abled handlers may apply to the committee, in writing, for concessions.
Qualifications: Bronze - 5 sections; Silver - 6 sections; Gold - 7 sections. Any dog qualifying on all 10 sections will be awarded the Platinum Qualification and a special trophy.
The decision of the committee is final.
Certification booklets are available from the Secretary and at all testing days. Passes/qualifiers must be recorded by the Secretary before you leave on the same day that each section is attempted. The Secretary will keep a register of dog's name and sections qualified.

The Sections
(A.Q. = Automatic Qualification)

A.Q. Any CC, Res CC, or KC Stud Book Number Holder
OR 5 of 1st, 2nd, 3rd at a Ch, Open or Limit Show
OR Conformation Assessment by 3 K.C. Judges, on the MBCC Judges List B Breed Specialist or higher, that the dog is true to type for a Border Collie. A minimum of acceptance by 2 of the officiating judges.
Dogs other than BCs must use A.Q. for this section.

A.Q. Any dog having passed this test.

A.Q. To have worked on an organised shoot for a complete season OR Retrieve cold game or dummy from cover, steady to shot.

A.Q. Any dog having gained a clear round at an Agility Show
OR 15 different obstacles clear in 1.5 minutes or less, (dogs under 15", 15 different obstacles in 2 minutes or less on a mini course.)

A run, as per K.C. or B.F.A. rules, in 10 seconds or less.

A.Q. Dogs having qualified S.A.R.D.A.
OR Complete a minimum 150 yds, maximum 200 yds, seek back for a personal article

There are 5 parts to this section; each one MUST be completed for a Section Qualification
Drop at a mock curb, owner/handler 25 yds other side of curb
Play free with distractions, return when called
5 minutes down stay out of sight, with distractions
Remain quietly tied up for 2 minutes, with owner/handler out of sight
Steady to jogger, or bicycle, whilst on a slack lead at owners/handlers side whilst owner chats to a friend. Must be under relaxed control at all times.

A.Q. Any placing at a Sheep Dog Trial OR to have completed a driving course OR to have passed the KC Show Border Collie Herding Test.
All components are important a minimum mark of 80% overall must be achieved to pass this test. The dog will enter a paddock containing at least ten sheep and will be held on a long line by the owner or the assessor. The line may be removed at any time during the test if it is considered safe to do so.
The sheep will be encouraged to move freely around the paddock and the dog allowed freedom to follow, the long line being used in an emergency to stop the dog if necessary. After the first few minutes, the dog should settle and show a natural tendency to circle the sheep in either direction and to return escapees to the rest of the flock. The dog should also be capable of obeying stop commands and returning to the handler when requested.
If the dog chases or grips (bites) the sheep at any time, it will be removed from the paddock immediately. Marks will be awarded as follows:
INSTINCT - 20%; STYLE - 10%; LEFT & RIGHT CAST - 40%; STOP ON COMMAND - 20%; RETURN TO HANDLER - 10%. The idea of this test is to demonstrate that the dog has natural working instinct. There is no suggestion of this being a sheepdog trial and there will be no gates or obstacles.

A.Q. Any obedience placing in Class A or above.
OR Beginner; 3 places of 1st - 3rd
OR Novice 3 places 1st - 6th
OR to gain a minimum of 90% in EACH of the following exercises
Heel on lead, 15 points, to be performed in a natural happy manner, approx close to and level with handlers left leg. To consist of about turns, right & left turns, as directed by the steward
Heel free, 20 points, same directions as heel on lead
Recall, 10 points, from a sit or down, dog to return smartly, sit in front, go to heel
Stays. Sit 1 minute, 10 points; Down 2 minutes, 20 points. Distance directed by the judge, handlers in sight & may stand sideways

A.Q. Any dog qualified UD or above
OR to pass a test comprising of a track not less than 700 yds and no more than 900 yds of UD standard, with 4-7 legs and 15 minutes aging. Completion time of 30 minutes is allowed. Also a UD search square. The track and square laid in accordance with K.C. Regulations for Working Trials. The handler to carry out the track and square in accordance with K.C. Regulations. Judge will take in to account the ground when considering articles. A qualification mark of 70% or more is required. Scores as per K.C. Regulations


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