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Working Trials

For many years the Midlands Border Collie Club held an Open Working Trials event courtesy of our WT Manager Barrie James and his 'behind the scenes' helpers. The event grew so popular that we had to extend our KC Licence from 3 days to 4 to accommodate all those wishing to take part. Barrie led our Working Trials sub-committee, which worked within the remit of the MBCC Committee and it was due to their hard work and his organisational skills that the MBCC was granted Championship status in 2008. and our inaugural Championship event was held from 6th - 13th January 2008.

MBCC was delighted to host the 2013 Kennel Club Working Trials Championships. A link to this prestigious event can be found in the Archives, along with results and photos from our other Working Trials.

Sadly all good things must come to an end and the club no longer runs Working Trials.

Working Trials Notes

Working trials is an excellent and very satisfying canine sport that utilises the dogs natural abilities. It is a very 'interactive' sport for both dog and handler as they are very much a team when working. The dog has an element of freedom to work on its own initiative (and, of course, subject to its training). There is no better feeling in any dog activity as to when you have completed a 3 hour old track, on poor terrain and horrible weather conditions, with all articles retrieved, with your best pal! However, the downside is that you have to spend a lot of time training with your dog in all weather conditions. Working Trials is not for wimps :-). It will take approximately twelve to eighteen months regular training, preferably with an experienced working trials trainer, before you will be ready to enter your first trial. Working Trials really does take commitment.

Just a note on the Patrol Dog (PD) Stake. There are some misconceptions concerning this stake and the dog’s attitude and its training. The work and training in this stake is always carried out using fun and play these days. Aggression plays no part in the dog’s training whatsoever. To the dog’s mind the ‘sleeve’ is just a large tuggy and in training the dog is always given the ‘sleeve’ after a ‘bite’ to have a little play with. Sometimes, especially in the Test Of Courage element, you may see the ‘criminal’ with a stick or similar being wielded in one hand. This stick is only for show and is never used to even touch the dog with.

If you want fun and fitness from your dog and a very happy dog do Working Trials but be warned - it can be a very addictive sport!

Barrie James.

~ * ~

Challenge Certificate Roll Of Honour

2008 CC WT Ch Waggerland Floss RCC WT Ch Styperson Briar
2009 CC Glenalpine Jed CDex-TDex RCC WT Ch Tytri Lace of Trentvalley
2010 CC Foxfold Coalition CDex-TDex OW RCC Little Jode
2011 CC Ob Ch Amberslade Buckaneer CDex-TDex RCC Glenalpine Reg CDex-WDex
2012 CC Little Raymond CDex - TDex PDex RCC WT Ch Styperson Cleo
2013 ~ Trial regrettably cancelled due to adverse weather and land conditions ~
2014 CC Wt Ch Lawinick Come 'N' Get It At Hartshill RCC WT Ch Styperson Cleo
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